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Bytescout.Spreadsheet.Constants Namespace

Public classXLSPallette
Class representing default colour table
Public structurexlColorIndex
Specifies the color.
Public enumerationAlignmentHorizontal
Horizontal alignment type enumeration
Public enumerationAlignmentVertical
Vertical alignment
Public enumerationBIFF_VERSION
BIFF format version enumeration
Public enumerationBorderLineStyle
Specifies the line style for the border.
Public enumerationBorderWeight
Specifies the weight of the border around a range.
Public enumerationCellType
Cell type
Public enumerationDataType
Data type enumeration
Public enumerationEnhancedSheetProtection
Enhanced sheet protection option flags
Public enumerationFontEscapementType
Represents font escapement type
Public enumerationFontUnderlineStyle
Represents font underline type
Public enumerationFORMULAERROR
Formula error type
Public enumerationLineStyle
Line style
Public enumerationNumberFormatType
Type of the cell according to the analysis of NumberFormat formatting string for the value.
Public enumerationPageOrder
Specifies printed page order.
Public enumerationPageOrientation
Specifies the paper orientation.
Public enumerationPaperSize
Specifies the paper size.
Public enumerationPatternStyle
Pattern style enumeration
Public enumerationPrintErrors
Specifies how to display cells with errors when printing the worksheet.
Public enumerationPrintLocation
Specifies printed page order.
Public enumerationReadingOrder
Reading order enumeration
Public enumerationSHEETVISIBILITY
The hidden state of the sheet
Public enumerationSortDataOption
Specifies how to sort text.
Public enumerationSortOrder
Specifies the sort order
Public enumerationSortOrientation
Specifies the sort orientation.
Public enumerationSpreadsheetFormatType
Spreadsheet type by file format
Public enumerationXlCellType
Specifies the type of cells
Public enumerationXlDVAlertStyle
Specifies the icon used in message boxes displayed during validation.
Public enumerationXlDVType
Specifies the type of data validation used to validate user input
Public enumerationXlFormatConditionOperator
Specifies the operator to use to compare a formula against the value in a cell or, for xlBetween and xlNotBetween, to compare two formulas.
Public enumerationXlFormatConditionType
Specifies whether the conditional format is based on a cell value or an expression.
Public enumerationXlIMEMode
Specifies the IME (input method editor) mode
Public enumerationXlSpecialCellsValue
Specifies cells with a special type of value