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XlFormatConditionType Enumeration

Specifies whether the conditional format is based on a cell value or an expression.

Assembly: Bytescout.Spreadsheet (in Bytescout.Spreadsheet.dll) Version:
public enum XlFormatConditionType
Member nameValueDescription
CellValue0 The conditional format is based on a cell value.
Expression1 The conditional format is based on an expression.
ColorScale2 Color scale
Databar3 Databar
Top104 Top 10 values
IconSets5 Icon sets
UniqueValues6 Unique values
TextString7 Text string
BlanksCondition8 Blanks condition
TimePeriod9 Time period
AboveAverageCondition10 Above average condition
NoBlanksCondition11 No blanks condition
ErrorsCondition12 Errors condition
NoErrorsCondition13 No errors condition
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