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Bytescout.Spreadsheet.COM Namespace

Public interfaceICell
Cell interface
Public interfaceICellAddress
Cell address interface
Public interfaceICellsRange
A structure that specifies a range of cells on the sheet.
Public interfaceIColumn
Column inteface
Public interfaceIColumns
IColumns interface to manage columns in spreadsheet
Public interfaceIDefinedName
Represents a defined name
Public interfaceIDefinedNameList
A collection of defined names in a workbook.
Public interfaceIDocumentSummaryInformation
Structure describing SummaryInformation Property Set
Public interfaceIExtFormat
Ext format for the cell interface
Public interfaceIFontFormat
Font format interface
Public interfaceIHyperLink
Represents a hyperlink
Public interfaceIHyperLinks
Public interfaceIRange
Range interface
Public interfaceIRow
Row interface
Public interfaceIRows
IRows interface for managing Rows collection
Public interfaceISearchOptions
Search options class
Public interfaceISpreadsheet
Spreadsheet document interface
Public interfaceISpreadsheetFont
Spreadsheet font class
Public interfaceISpreadsheetOptions
Spreadsheet options class
Public interfaceISummaryInformation
Structure describing SummaryInformation Property Set
Public interfaceIViewOptions
View options
Public interfaceIVtHeadingPair
Heading Pair struct
Public interfaceIWorkbook
Workbook interface
Public interfaceIWorksheet
Worksheet interface
Public interfaceIWorksheets
Worksheets collection interface
Public interfaceIXLSDocEngine
XLSDoc Engine interface