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IWorkbook Interface

Workbook interface

Assembly: Bytescout.Spreadsheet (in Bytescout.Spreadsheet.dll) Version:
public interface IWorkbook

The IWorkbook type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAddInFunctionsNamesLocale
Gets or sets the add in functions names locale.
Public propertyAutoCalculation
Gets or sets a value indicating if formula should be re-calculated automatically on change of cells value.
Public propertyColors
Gets the colors in the user-defined palette. The palette has 56 entries.
Public propertyDefaultFont
Gets or sets the workbook default font.
Public propertyDocumentProperties
Document Properties
Public propertyExternalReferenceUpdate
Gets or sets a value indicating whether external reference should be updated or not.
Public propertyLocale
Gets or sets the CultureInfo using in Workbook. This property should be used to set the locale (regional) settings for use in the new workbook (number, currency, time, date formatting). When you load existing spreadsheet then the SDK tries to use the saved locale settings for this file disregarding current Windows regional and language settings. When new workbook is created then the current Windows locale is used by default
Public propertyNames
Gets collection of the DefinedName objects.
Public propertyRangeSelectionMethod
Gets or sets the range selection method.
Public propertyWorksheets
Gets the worksheets.
Public methodCalculate
Calculates the all formulas in the Workbook.
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