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ISummaryInformation Interface

Structure describing SummaryInformation Property Set

Assembly: Bytescout.Spreadsheet (in Bytescout.Spreadsheet.dll) Version:
public interface ISummaryInformation

The ISummaryInformation type exposes the following members.

Public propertyApplicationName
The name of the application that was used to create the document.
Public propertyAuthor
The author of the document.
Public propertyCharCount
The total number of characters in the document.
Public propertyCodepage
Codepage for text
Public propertyComments
Comments related the document.
Public propertyCreateDateTime
Gets or sets the time that the document was created.
Public propertyEditTime
Gets or sets the total amount of time that has been spent editing the document.
Public propertyKeywords
Keywords related to the document.
Public propertyLastAuthor
The last author of the document.
Public propertyLastPrinted
Gets or sets the most recent time the document was printed.
Public propertyLastSavedDateTime
Gets or sets the most recent time the document was saved.
Public propertyPageCount
The total number of pages in the document.
Public propertyRevisionNumber
An application-specific revision number for this version of the document.
Public propertySecurity
A 32-bit signed integer representing a set of application-suggested access control flags with the following values: 0x00000001: Password protected 0x00000002: Read-only recommended 0x00000004: Read-only enforced 0x00000008: Locked for annotations
Public propertySubject
The subject of the document.
Public propertyTemplate
The application specific template used to create the document.
Public propertyTitle
The title of the document.
Public propertyWordCount
The total number of words in the document.
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