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Bytescout.BarCode Namespace

Public classBarcode
Represents barcode generator.
Public classCode exampleBarcodeControl
Barcode control that allows to generate/draw/save barcodes.
Public classCode exampleBarcodeException
Represents errors that occur during Bytescout.BarCode class library execution.
Public classBarcodeHandler
Class that implements custom HttpHandler for barcodes.
Public classBarcodePrinter
Represents a class that prints barcodes using a printer.
Public classBarcodeProfileException
Public classBarcodeWebImage
Barcode web control that allows to generate/draw/save barcodes at server and serve it as an image.
Public classImageComposer
Represents class that creates a single composite image from several images by placing them in a fixed position or arranging automatically.
Public classLicenseInfo
License information.
Public classMargins
Class that describes barcode margins.
Public classSymbologyOptions
Describes symbology specific options.
Public classValueComposer
Helps to create barcode values for vCard, e-mail, and SMS messages that should be correctly handled by mobile barcode readers.
Public interfaceIBarcode
Base interface for all barcode classes.
Public interfaceIBarCodeContainer
Base interface for all barcode containers (controls and such).
Public delegateDrawImagesToPDFCallback
Delegate for the callback method called from DrawImagesToPDF(String, String, DrawImagesToPDFCallback).
Public enumerationAztecCompactionMode
Describes all possible compaction (encoding) modes for Aztec symbology.
Public enumerationAztecErrorCorrectionLevel
Level of error correction in Aztec Code symbols
Public enumerationBarcodeHorizontalAlignment
Describes options for horizontal alignment of the barcode within the target rectangle.
Public enumerationBarcodeVerticalAlignment
Describes options for vertical alignment of the barcode within the target rectangle.
Public enumerationCaptionAlignment
Describes options for barcode caption alignment.
Public enumerationCaptionPosition
Describes options for barcode caption position.
Public enumerationCodabarChecksumAlgorithm
Describes all supported Codabar checksum algorithms.
Public enumerationCodabarSpecialSymbol
Describes special symbols of the Codabar symbology. This symbols can be set as Codabar start or termination symbols. Additional data can be encoded by the choice of start and termination characters.
Public enumerationCode128Alphabet
Describes alphabet options for Code 128 symbology.
Public enumerationCompositionMode
Image composition modes for ImageComposer.
Public enumerationDataMatrixCompactionMode
Describes all possible compaction (encoding) modes for DataMatrix symbology.
Public enumerationDataMatrixSize
Describes all possible matrix sizes for DataMatrix symbology.
Public enumerationMSIChecksumAlgorithm
Describes all supported MSI symbology checksum algorithms.
Public enumerationPageSize
Describes standart page sizes.
Public enumerationPDF417CompactionMode
Describes all possible compaction (encoding) modes for PDF417 symbology.
Public enumerationPDF417ErrorCorrectionLevel
Describes all possible error correction levels for PDF417 symbology.
Public enumerationPZNType
Specifies the type of PZN symbology.
Public enumerationQREncodeHint
Describes the library how non-alphanumerical characters should be encoded.
Public enumerationQRErrorCorrectionLevel
Level of error correction in QR Code symbols
Public enumerationRotationAngle
Describes all supported barcode output rotation angles.
Public enumerationSymbologyType
Describes all supported barcode symbologies (types).
Public enumerationTelepenAlphabet
Describes alphabet options for Telepen symbology.
Public enumerationUnitOfMeasure
Specifies the unit of measure for the given data.