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CodabarChecksumAlgorithm Enumeration

Describes all supported Codabar checksum algorithms.

Assembly: Bytescout.BarCode (in Bytescout.BarCode.dll) Version:
public enum CodabarChecksumAlgorithm
Member nameValueDescription
Modulo90 (0) Modulo 9 checksum algorithm.

Many libraries use the following system which includes 13 digits plus a checksum;

Digit 1 indicates the type of barcode: 2 = patron, 3 = item (book)

Digits 2-5 identify the institution

The next 6 digits (00010 586) identify the individual patron or item

Digit 14 is the checksum

AiimCheckDigit1 (1) AIIM check digit calculation algorithm. This standard is recommended by AIIM.
Note that there is no checksum defined as part of the Codabar standard, but some industries (libraries, for example) have adopted their own checksum standards. Bytescout.BarCode implements two such standards.
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