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BarcodePrinter Class

Represents a class that prints barcodes using a printer.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Assembly: Bytescout.BarCode (in Bytescout.BarCode.dll) Version:
public class BarcodePrinter : IDisposable

The BarcodePrinter type exposes the following members.

Public methodBarcodePrinter
Initializes a new instance of the BarcodePrinter class.
Public propertyCollate
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the printed document is collated.
Public propertyColor
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the page should be printed in color.
Public propertyCopies
Gets or sets the number of copies of the document to print.

Note: Not all printers support printing multiple copes.

Public propertyDuplex
Gets or sets the printer setting for double-sided printing (duplex). To set duplex mode by name use the SetDuplex(String) method.

Note: Not all printers support the duplex printing.

Public propertyFitBarcodesIntoGrid
Gets or sets whether to fit the size of the generated barcodes into the grid cell size.
Public propertyLandscape
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the page is printed in landscape or portrait orientation.
Public propertyMargins
Gets or sets the margins for printed page.
Public propertyPaperSize
Gets or sets the paper size for the page. To set paper size by name use the SetPaperSize(String) method.
Public propertyPaperSource
Gets or sets the page's paper source; for example, the printer's upper tray. To set paper source by its predefined name use the SetPaperSource(String) method.
Public propertyPrinterResolution
Gets or sets the printer resolution for the page. To set resolution by its predefined name use the SetPrinterResolution(String) method. To set custom resolution use the SetPrinterResolution(Int32, Int32) method.
Public methodAddBarcodeValue
Adds barcode value that will be used to generate barcodes for printing.
Public methodAddBarcodeValues
Adds barcode values that will be used to generate barcodes for printing.
Public methodDispose
Releases all resources used by the BarcodePrinter
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Public methodPrint
Prints barcodes to specified printer.
Public methodReset
Public methodSetDuplex
Sets duplex mode by predefined name. The predefined names of duplex modes should correspond to the Duplex enumeration.
Public methodSetGrid
Sets dimensions of the grid that will be used to allocate generated barcodes on a page.
Public methodSetMargins
Sets the margins for the printed page.
Public methodSetPaperSize
Sets paper format by predefined name, such as "A4" or "Letter". The predefined names of paper formats should correspond to the PaperKind enumeration.
Public methodSetPaperSource
Sets paper source by predefined name. The names of predefined paper sources should correspond to the PaperSourceKind enumeration.
Public methodSetPrinterResolution(String)
Sets printer resolution by predefined name such as "High" or "Draft". The names of predefined resolutions should correspond to the PrinterResolutionKind enumeration.
Public methodSetPrinterResolution(Int32, Int32)
Sets custom printer resolution.
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