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Code128Alphabet Enumeration

Describes alphabet options for Code 128 symbology.

Assembly: Bytescout.BarCode (in Bytescout.BarCode.dll) Version:
public enum Code128Alphabet
Member nameValueDescription
Auto0 (0) The alphabet to use selected automatically. Different parts of a barcode can be encoded with different alphabets. This alphabet type allows all ASCII table to be encoded with minimum output barcode width.
A1 (1) The A alphabet. Allows only character from NUL (ASCII 0) to '_' (ASCII 95) to be encoded.
B2 (2) The B alphabet. Allows only character from SPACE (ASCII 32) to DEL (ASCII 127) to be encoded.
C3 (3) The C alphabet. Allows only numeric values having even length to be encoded. This alphabet allows most efficient encoding of numeric values having even length.
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