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Bytescout.Spreadsheet.Charts Namespace

Public classAbstractTitle
Public classAxisTitle
Represents a chart axis title.
Public classCategoryAxis
Specifies the category axis of the chart.
Public classChart
Class for common chart properties and methods.
Public classChartArea
Represents the chart area of a chart.
Public classChartAxis
Specifies base properties for a chart axis.
Public classChartCollection
Collection of charts.
Public classChartFormat
Class for access to the Office Art formatting for chart elements
Public classChartGroup
Represents one or more series plotted in a chart with the same format.
Public classChartGroupCollection
A collection of all the ChartGroup objects in the specified chart.
Public classChartTitle
Represents the chart title.
Public classColorFormat
Represents color information.
Public classDataLabels
Specifies the settings for the data labels for an entire series or the entire chart.
Public classFillFormat
Represents fill formatting for a shape.
Public classHiLoLines
Represents the high-low lines in a chart group.
Public classLayout
Specifies how the chart element is placed on the chart.
Public classLegend
Specifies the legend for a chart.
Public classLineFormat
Represents line and arrowhead formatting.
Public classMarker
Specifies a data marker on a chart. The marker is applied to each data point.
Public classOutline
Specifies the outline style.
Public classPlotArea
Specifies the plot area of the chart.
Public classSeries
Specifies base properties for a chart series.
Public classSeriesAxis
Specifies a series axis for the chart.
Public classSeriesCollection
Collection of series.
Public classShapeProperties
Specifies the formatting of series.
Public classSurface
Specifies a wall or floor properties of a 3D chart.
Public classTickLabels
Specifies the tick-mark labels associated with tick marks on a chart axis.
Public classValueAxis
Specifies the value axis of the chart.
Public classValuesSeries
Specifies base properties for a chart series.
Public enumerationAxisCrossingPoint
Specifies the possible crossing points for an axis.
Public enumerationAxisOrientation
Specifies the orientation of the axis.
Public enumerationAxisPosition
Specifies the position of the axis on the chart.
Public enumerationBarGrouping
Specifies the kind of grouping for a column or bar chart.
Public enumerationBubbleSizeRepresents
Specifies the possible ways to represent data as bubble chart sizes.
Public enumerationChartLineStyle
This type represents preset line dash values.
Public enumerationChartType
The chart type
Public enumerationDisplayBlanksAs
Specifies the possible ways to display blanks in charts.
Public enumerationGrouping
Specifies the possible groupings for a column, line, or area chart.
Public enumerationLabelAlignment
Specifies the possible ways to align the tick labels.
Public enumerationLegendPosition
Specifies the possible positions for a chart's legend.
Public enumerationMarkerStyle
All possible style for a marker drawn at each data point.
Public enumerationTickLabelPosition
Specifies the possible positions for tick labels.
Public enumerationTickMark
Specifies the possible positions for tick marks.
Public enumerationXlAxisType
Specifies the axis type