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ChartType Enumeration

The chart type

Assembly: Bytescout.Spreadsheet (in Bytescout.Spreadsheet.dll) Version:
public enum ChartType
Member nameValueDescription
Area1 Area chart.
Area3D-4098 3D area chart.
AreaStacked76 Stacked area chart
AreaStacked10077 100% stacked area chart.
AreaStacked1003D79 3D 100% stacked area chart.
AreaStacked3D78 3D stacked area chart.
BarClustered57 Clustered bar chart.
BarClustered3D60 3D clustered bar chart.
BarOfPie71 Bar of pie chart.
BarStacked58 Stacked bar chart.
BarStacked10059 100% stacked bar chart.
BarStacked1003D62 3D 100% stacked bar chart.
BarStacked3D61 3D stacked bar chart.
Bubble15 Bubble chart.
Bubble3DEffect87 3D bubble chart.
Column3D-4100 3D column chart .
ColumnClustered51 Clustered column chart.
ColumnClustered3D54 3D clustered column chart.
ColumnStacked52 Stacked column chart.
ColumnStacked10053 100% stacked column chart.
ColumnStacked1003D56 3D 100% stacked column chart.
ColumnStacked3D55 3D stacked column chart.
ConeBarClustered102 Clustered cone bar chart.
ConeBarStacked103 Stacked cone bar chart.
ConeBarStacked100104 100% stacked cone bar chart.
ConeCol105 3D cone column chart.
ConeColClustered99 Clustered cone column chart.
ConeColStacked100 Stacked cone column chart.
ConeColStacked100101 100% stacked cone column chart.
CylinderBarClustered95 Clustered cylinder bar chart.
CylinderBarStacked96 Stacked cylinder bar chart.
CylinderBarStacked10097 100% stacked cylinder bar chart.
CylinderCol98 3D cylinder column chart.
CylinderColClustered92 Clustered cylinder column chart.
CylinderColStacked93 Stacked cylinder column chart.
CylinderColStacked10094 100% stacked cylinder column chart.
Doughnut-4120 Doughnut chart.
DoughnutExploded80 Exploded doughnut chart.
Line4 Line chart.
Line3D-4101 3D Line chart.
LineMarkers65 Line chart with markers.
LineMarkersStacked66 Stacked line chart with markers.
LineMarkersStacked10067 100% stacked line chart with markers.
LineStacked63 Stacked line chart.
LineStacked10064 100% stacked line chart.
Pie5 Pie chart.
Pie3D-4102 3D pie chart.
PieExploded69 Exploded Pie chart.
PieExploded3D70 Exploded 3D Pie chart.
PieOfPie68 Pie of pie chart.
PyramidBarClustered109 Clustered pyramid bar chart.
PyramidBarStacked110 Stacked pyramid bar chart.
PyramidBarStacked100111 100% stacked pyramid bar chart.
PyramidCol112 3D pyramid column chart.
PyramidColClustered106 Clustered pyramid column chart.
PyramidColStacked107 Stacked pyramid column chart.
PyramidColStacked100108 100% stacked pyramid column chart.
Radar-4151 Radar chart.
RadarFilled82 Filled radar chart.
RadarMarkers81 Radar chart with data narkers.
StockHLC88 High-Low-Close stock chart.
StockOHLC89 Open-High-Low-Close stock chart
StockVHLC90 Volume-High-Low-Close stock chart
StockVOHLC91 Volume-Open-High-Low-Close stock chart.
Surface83 3D surface chart.
SurfaceTopView85 Surface chart (Top view).
SurfaceTopViewWireframe86 Surface chart (Top view wireframe).
SurfaceWireframe84 Surface chart (wireframe).
XYScatter-4169 Scatter chart.
XYScatterLines74 Scatter chart with lines.
XYScatterLinesNoMarkers75 Scatter chart with lines and no data markers.
XYScatterSmooth72 Scatter chart with smoothed lines.
XYScatterSmoothNoMarkers73 Scatter chart with smoothed lines and no data markers.
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