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ChartGroup Class

Represents one or more series plotted in a chart with the same format.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Assembly: Bytescout.Spreadsheet (in Bytescout.Spreadsheet.dll) Version:
public class ChartGroup

The ChartGroup type exposes the following members.

Public methodChartGroup
Initializes a new instance of the ChartGroup class
Public propertyBubbleScale
Gets or sets the scale factor for the bubble chart in percent of the default size.
Public propertyDoughnutHoleSize
Gets or sets the size of the hole in a doughnut chart group. The hole size is expressed as a percentage of the chart size, between 10 and 90 percent.
Public propertyFirstSliceAngle
Gets or sets the angle of the first pie-chart or doughnut-chart slice, in degrees (clockwise from vertical). Applies only to pie, 3-D pie, and doughnut charts.
Public propertyGapWidth
Gets or sets the width of the gap between bar or column clusters, as a percentage of the bar or column width or the space between the primary and secondary sections in a pie of pie and Bar of Pie chart.
Public propertyHasHiLoLines
Gets or sets a value indicating whether line chart has high-low lines.
Public propertyHiLoLines
Gets a HiLoLines object that represents the high-low lines for a series on a line chart.
Public propertyShowNegativeBubbles
Gets or sets a value indicating whether negative sized bubbles shall be shown on the chart.
Public propertySizeRepresents
Gets or sets the value indicating how the bubble size values are represented on the chart.
Public propertyVaryByCategories
Gets or sets a value indicating whether colors are varied for each data point of the first series in a chart containing only one series.
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