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Bytescout.PDF Namespace

Public classAction
Represents an abstract class for the PDF actions.
Public classActionCollection
Represents a collection of actions.
Public classAnnotation
Represents an abstract class for annotation objects.
Public classAnnotationBorderEffect
Represents a class for the border effect of annotations.
Public classAnnotationBorderStyle
Represents a class for the border style of annotations.
Public classAnnotationCollections
Represents a collection of annotations.
Public classBrush
Represents the abstract Brush, which contains the basic functionality of a Brush.
Public classButtonField
Represents an abstract class for button fields.
Public classCanvas
Represents class for a canvas (a two-dimensional region on which all painting occurs).
Public classCaretAnnotation
Represents a caret annotation.
Public classCheckBox
Represents a check box field in the PDF form.
Public classChoiceField
Represents an abstract class for choice fields.
Public classChoiceItems
Represents a collection of Bytescout.PDF.ChoiceField items.
Public classCircleAnnotation
Represents a circle annotation.
Public classColor
Represents an abstract class for PDF color.
Public classColorCMYK
Represents a color in a CMYK color space.
Public classColoredTilingBrush
Represents a colored tiling Brush.
Public classColoredTilingPen
Represents a colored tiling pen.
Public classColorGray
Represents a color in a Gray color space.
Public classColorICC
Represents class for an ICC color profile.
Public classColorRGB
Represents a color in an RGB color space.
Public classColorspace
Represents an abstract class for color spaces.
Public classComboBox
Represents a combo box field in the PDF Form.
Public classComHelpers
Class containing helping methods to use the SDK as ActiveX object from VBScript, VBA, VB6, Delphi, Visual C++.
Public classDashPattern
Represents class for a line dash pattern. The line dash pattern controls the pattern of dashes and gaps used to stroke paths.
Public classDestination
Represents a destination in the PDF document for links, bookmarks, and other interactive PDF features.
Public classDeviceCMYKColorspace
Represents Device CMYK color space.
Public classDeviceColor
Represents an abstract class for color in a Device color space.
Public classDeviceGrayColorspace
Represents Device Gray color space.
Public classDeviceRGBColorspace
Represents Device RGB color space.
Public classDocument
Represents a PDF document.
Public classDocumentInformation
Represents class for a PDF document's metadata.
Public classDocumentSummary
Represents class for a PDF document's summary.
Public classDocumentSummaryUtils
Public classEditBox
Represents a text box field in the PDF form.
Public classEmbeddedFile
Represents the embedded file.
Public classEmbeddedFilesCollection
Represents the collection of embedded files.
Public classField
Represents an abstract class for fields of the PDF document's interactive form.
Public classFieldCollection
Represents collection of fields.
Public classFieldsSummary
Represents class for a PDF fields's summary.
Public classFileAttachmentAnnotation
Represents a file attachment annotation.
Public classFont
Represents a font in the PDF document.
Public classFormFieldSummary
Represents class for a form field's summary.
Public classFreeTextAnnotation
Represents a free text annotation.
Public classGoTo3DViewAction
Represents an action which sets the current view of a 3D annotation.
Public classGoToAction
Represents an action which goes to a destination in the current document.
Public classGoToEmbeddedAction
Represents an action which goes to a destination in an embedded file.
Public classGoToRemoteAction
Represents an action which goes to a destination in another document.
Public classGraphicsTemplate
Represents a graphics template.
Public classHideAction
Represents an action which hides or shows one or more controls on the screen.
Public classHighlightAnnotation
Represents a highlight annotation.
Public classICCBasedColorspace
Represents class for an ICC color profile.
Public classImage
Represents class for an image that is suitable for use with the PDF document.
Public classImportDataAction
Represents an action which imports Forms Data Format (FDF) data into the document’s interactive form from a specified file.
Public classInkAnnotation
Represents an ink annotation.
Public classInkList
Represents a collection of Bytescout.PDF.PointsArray, each representing a stroked path of ink annotation.
Public classInvalidPasswordException
Represents the exception thrown when a wrong password is used to open the PDF document.
Public classJavaScriptAction
Represents an action which performs a JavaScript action in the PDF document.
Public classLaunchAction
Represents an action which launches an application or opens a document.
Public classLayer
Represents a layer in a PDF document.
Public classLayerCollection
Represents a collection of layers.
Public classLicenseInfo
License information.
Public classLineAnnotation
Represents a line annotation.
Public classLinkAnnotation
Represents a link annotation.
Public classListBox
Represents a list box field of the PDF form.
Public classLogger
Public classMarkupAnnotation
Represents an abstract class for markup annotations.
Public classMovie
Represents a movie used in the PDF document.
Public classMovieAction
Represents an action which plays a movie in a floating window or within the annotation rectangle of a movie annotation.
Public classMovieActivation
Represents the class specifying whether and how to play the movie when the movie annotation is activated.
Public classMovieAnnotation
Represents a movie annotation.
Public classNamedAction
Represents an action which performs the named action.
Public classOptionalContentConfiguration
Represents an optional content configuration for PDF processing of applications or features.
Public classOptionalContentGroup
Represents a group for optional content group.
Public classOptionalContentGroupItem
Represents an abstract class for all optional content group items.
Public classOptionalContentGroupLabel
Represents a label for optional content group.
Public classOptionalContentGroupLayer
Represents a layer for optional content group.
Public classOptionalContents
Represents the document's optional content properties.
Public classOutline
Represents a PDF outline item (bookmark).
Public classOutlinesCollection
Represents the collection of outlines.
Public classPage
Represents a PDF document page.
Public classPageCollection
Represents a collection of pages of a document.
Public classPageLabel
Represents a PDF page label item.
Public classPageLabelsCollection
Represents the collection of page labels.
Public classPaperSizes
Public classPasswordManager
Represents the class for verifying the password.
Public classPath
Represents a graphics path, which is a sequence of primitive graphics elements.
Public classPDFBorderEffectIntensityException
Public classPDFException
Represents general PDF exception.
Public classPDFFieldNameOccupied
Public classPDFInvalidDocumentException
Public classPDFInvalidICCException
Public classPDFMiterLimitException
Public classPDFNotEqualColorspacesException
Public classPDFOpacityException
Public classPDFUnableLoadFontException
Public classPDFUndefinedEncryptorFilterException
Public classPDFUnsupportedSoundFormatException
Public classPDFUnsupportEncryptorException
Public classPDFUnsupportFontFormatException
Public classPDFUnsupportImageFormat
Public classPDFVolumeException
Public classPDFWrongFontFileException
Public classPen
Represents the abstract pen, which contains the basic functionality of a pen.
Public classPointsArray
Represents a collection of points.
Public classPolygonAnnotation
Represents a polygon annotation.
Public classPolygonPolylineAnnotation
Represents an abstract class for polygon and polyline annotations.
Public classPolylineAnnotation
Represents a polyline annotation.
Public classProfileException
Public classPushButton
Represents push button field in the PDF form.
Public classRadioButton
Represents a radio button field in the PDF form.
Public classReadOnlyCollectionT
Represents a read only collection.
Public classRenditionAction
Represents an action controlling the playing of multimedia content.
Public classResetFormAction
Represents the PDF form's reset action.
This action allows a user to reset the form fields to their default values.
Public classRubberStampAnnotation
Represents a rubber stamp annotation.
Public classScreenAnnotation
Represents a screen annotation.
Public classSecurity
Represents the options to control the PDF document security options.
Public classSetOptionalContentGroupsStateAction
Represents an action which sets the states of optional content groups.
Public classSolidBrush
Represents a Brush that fills any object with a solid color.
Public classSolidPen
Represents a solid pen.
Public classSound
Represents a sound embedded into the PDF document.
The AIFF, AIFF-C, RIFF (.wav), and snd (.au) file formats are supported.
Public classSoundAction
Represents the sound action.
Public classSoundAnnotation
Represents a sound annotation.
Public classSquareAnnotation
Represents a square annotation.
Public classSquareCircleAnnotation
Represents an abstract class for square and circle annotations.
Public classSquigglyAnnotation
Represents a squiggly annotation.
Public classStrikeOutAnnotation
Represents a strike out annotation.
Public classStringFormat
Represents the text layout information.
Public classSubmitFormAction
Represents the PDF form's submit action.
Public classTable
Represents the table.
Public classTableColumn
Represents the table column.
Public classTableColumnCollection
Represents a collection of columns of a table.
Public classTableElement
Represents the a cell of the table.
Public classTableRow
Represents the table row.
Public classTableRowCollection
Represents a collection of rows of a table.
Public classTextAnnotation
Represents a text annotation.
Public classTextMarkupAnnotation
Represents an abstract class for text markup annotations.
Public classTextWatermark
Represents a text watermark.
Public classThreadAction
Represents an action which jumps to a specified bead on an article thread.
Public classThreeDAnnotation
Represents a 3D annotation.
Public classThreeDData
Represents a 3D data (.u3d) in PDF document.
Public classTransitionAction
Represents an action which can be used to control drawing during a sequence of actions.
Public classUncoloredTilingBrush
Represents an uncolored tiling Brush.
Public classUncoloredTilingPen
Represents an uncolored tiling pen.
Public classUnderlineAnnotation
Represents an underline annotation.
Public classURIAction
Represents an action which resolves a unique resource identifier.
Public classViewerPreferences
Represents the class for the PDF viewer application preferences.
Public classWatermark
Represents the abstract watermark, which contains the basic functionality of a watermark.
Public classWatermarkCollection
Public classWidget
Represents an abstract class for widget annotations.
Public enumerationActionType
Specifies type of Bytescout.PDF.PDFAction.
Public enumerationAnnotationType
Specifies type of Bytescout.PDF.Annotation.
Public enumerationBlendMode
Specifies standard blend modes available in the PDF.
Public enumerationBorderEffect
Specifies an effect to be applied to the border of the annotations.
Public enumerationBorderStyle
Specifies a border style of the annotations.
Public enumerationCaretSymbol
Specifies a symbol to be associated with the caret.
Public enumerationCompression
Specifies compression filter.
Public enumerationDirection
Specifies predominant reading order for text.
Public enumerationEncryptionAlgorithm
Specifies encryption algorithm.
Public enumerationFileAttachmentAnnotationIcon
Specifies the icon to be used in displaying Bytescout.PDF.FileAttachmentAnnotation.
Public enumerationFillMode
Specifies the method used to fill a path.
Public enumerationFullScreenPageMode
Specifies how to display the document on exiting full-screen mode.
Public enumerationHorizontalAlign
Specifies the horizontal alignment.
Public enumerationImageCompression
Specifies compression filter.
Public enumerationLineCapStyle
Specifies the shape to be used at the ends of open subpaths (and dashes, if any) when they are stroked.
Public enumerationLineCaptionType
Specifies the line caption type.
Public enumerationLineEndingStyle
Specifies the end of line style.
Public enumerationLineJoinStyle
Specifies the shape of joints between connected segments of a stroked path.
Public enumerationLinkAnnotationHighlightingMode
Specifies the visual effect of Bytescout.PDF.LinkAnnotation to be used when the mouse button is pressed or held down inside its active area.
Public enumerationMovieOperation
Specifies the operation to be performed on the movie.
Public enumerationMoviePlayMode
Specifies the play mode for playing the movie.
Public enumerationNamedActions
Specifies the available named actions supported by the viewer.
Public enumerationOptionalContentGroupItemType
Specifies the optional content group item type.
Public enumerationOptionalContentState
Specifies the optional content group's state.
Public enumerationPageLayout
Specifies the page layout to be used when the document is opened.
Public enumerationPageMode
Specifies how the document should be displayed when opened.
Public enumerationPageNumberingStyle
Specifies the numbering style to be used for the numeric portion of each page label.
Public enumerationPaperFormat
Specifies the standard paper sizes.
Public enumerationPaperOrientation
Specifies paper orientation.
Public enumerationPrintQuality
Specifies print quality.
Public enumerationPushButtonHighlightingMode
Specifies the visual effect of the Bytescout.PDF.PushButton to be used when the mouse button is pressed or held down inside its active area.
Public enumerationRenderingIntentType
Specifies rendering intent.
Public enumerationRotationAngle
Specifies the rotation angle.
Public enumerationRubberStampAnnotationIcon
Specifies the icon to be used in displaying Bytescout.PDF.RubberStampAnnotation.
Public enumerationSoundAnnotationIcon
Specifies the icon to be used in displaying Bytescout.PDF.SoundAnnotation.
Public enumerationSoundEncoding
Specifies the encoding format for the sample data.
Public enumerationStandardFonts
Specifies the standard PDF font families.
Public enumerationSubmitDataFormat
Specifies a submit data format.
Public enumerationSubmitMethod
Specifies how control names and values are submitted.
Public enumerationTableBorderStyle
Specifies a border style for the table.
Public enumerationTextAlign
Specifies the horizontal alignment of text.
Public enumerationTextAnnotationIcon
Specifies the icon to be used in displaying Bytescout.PDF.TextAnnotation.
Public enumerationTextWatermarkLocation
Represents the text watermark location and orientation.
Public enumerationTilingType
Specifies adjustments to the spacing of tiles relative to the device pixel grid.
Public enumerationUnitOfMeasure
Specifies the unit of measure for the given data.
Public enumerationVerticalAlign
Specifies the vertical alignment.
Public enumerationZoomMode
Specifies zoom type.