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FillMode Enumeration

Specifies the method used to fill a path.

Assembly: Bytescout.PDF (in Bytescout.PDF.dll) Version:
public enum FillMode
Member nameValueDescription
Winding0 Determines whether a given point is inside a path by conceptually drawing a ray from that point to infinity in any direction and then examining the places where a segment of the path crosses the ray. Starting with a count of 0, the rule adds 1 each time a path segment crosses the ray from left to right and subtracts 1 each time a segment crosses from right to left. After counting all the crossings, if the result is 0, the point is outside the path; otherwise, it is inside.
Alternate1 Determines whether a point is inside a path by drawing a ray from that point in any direction and simply counting the number of path segments that cross the ray, regardless of direction. If this number is odd, the point is inside; if even, the point is outside. This yields the same results as the nonzero winding number rule for paths with simple shapes, but produces different results for more complex shapes.
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