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IWorksheets Methods

The IWorksheets type exposes the following members.

Public methodAdd
Adds the worksheet with default name "Untitled N".
Public methodAdd(String)
Adds the worksheet.
Public methodAddFromFile(String)
Adds the worksheet from CSV file.
Public methodAddFromFile(String, String, Encoding)
Adds the worksheet from CSV file.
Public methodByName
Get Worksheet by name.
Public methodCopy
Makes a copy and paste of the worksheet (SourceIndex) into a new worksheet (DestIndex) with NewSheetName
Public methodDelete(Int32)
Deletes the worksheet.
Public methodDelete(String)
Deletes the worksheet.
Public methodDeleteAll
Deletes all worksheets.
Public methodIndexOf
Returns the index of worksheet on her name
Public methodInsert
Inserts the specified index.
Public methodMove
Moves the specified SourceIndex Worksheet.
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