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ByteScout.TextRecognition Namespace

Public classBaseRecognizer
Represents base class for the text recognizer.
Public classComHelpers
Class containing helping methods to use the SDK from VBScript as ActiveX object.
Public classCorrection
Represents a correction automatically applied to recognized text to fix repeating recognition errors.
Public classCorrectionList
Represents collection of corrections automatically applied to recognized text to fix repeating recognition errors.
Public classImagePreprocessingFilterList
Represents collection of image preprocessing filters.
Public classLicenseInfo
License information.
Public classOCRObject
Represents recognized text object.
Public classOCRObjectList
Represents collection of recognized text objects.
Public classPDFRenderingOptions
PDF rendering options.
Public classRecognitionArea
Represents document page area for text recognition.
Public classRecognitionAreaList
Represents collection of page areas intended for text recognition.
Public classScreenshotMaker
Represent class that takes screenshots.
Public classTextRecognizer
Represents text recognizer that able to extract text from scanned PDF files and PNG, JPEG, BMP and TIFF (single-page) images using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
Public classTextRecognizerException
Represents errors that occur during the text recognition process.
Public delegatePasswordEventHandler
Represents parameters for PasswordRequired event.
Public enumerationAreaRotation
Specifies the direction of an image's rotation and the axis used to flip the image.
Public enumerationGraphicsTransformationQuality
Defines smoothing quality for text and vector graphics; interpolation quality for raster images.
Public enumerationOCRObjectType
Specifies OCR object types.
Public enumerationOCRProposedContentType
Defines types of content proposed to be on a document page (or on a page region).