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IDocumentSummaryInformation Properties

The IDocumentSummaryInformation type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBytecount
An estimate of the size of the document in bytes. May be ignored.
Public propertyCategory
Category name for the document
Public propertyCchwithspaces
Specifies an estimate of the number of characters in the document including whitespace. May be ignored.
Public propertyCodepage
Codepage for text
Public propertyCompany
Specifies the company associated with the document‘s authoring.
Public propertyContentstatus
specifies the document status. May be absent.
Public propertyContenttype
Specifies the content type of the file. May be absent.
Public propertyDocparts
Public propertyDocversion
Should be absent.
Public propertyHeadingpair
heading pair
Public propertyHiddencount
Specifies the number of hidden slides in the document. May be ignored.
Public propertyHyperlinkschanged
hyperlinks changed
Public propertyLanguage
Should be absent.
Public propertyLinecount
An estimate of the number of text lines in the document. May be ignored.
Public propertyLinksdirty
Links dirty
Public propertyManager
specifies the manager associated with the document.
Public propertyMmclipcount
Specifies the number of multimedia clips in the document. May be ignored.
Public propertyNotecount
Specifies the number of notes in the document. May be ignored.
Public propertyParacount
An estimate or an exact count of the number of paragraphs in the document. May be ignored.
Public propertyPresformat
Presentation format type of the document
Public propertyScale
The value of the property must be FALSE.
Public propertyShareddoc
The property value MUST be FALSE (0x00000000).
Public propertySlidecount
Specifies the number of slides in the document. May be ignored.
Public propertyVersion
Specifies the version of the application that wrote the property set storage.
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