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QRCodeSetCharacterEncoding Method

Sets the character encoding of barcode value. Default is Default - the default encoding on your computer. You may override this value like:
barcode.Options.TextEncodingCodePage = 1250; // to use German locale to decode text
Some of available code pages are listed below for your reference:
Name               CodePage  EncodingName
shift_jis          932       Japanese (Shift-JIS)
windows-1250       1250      Central European (Windows)
windows-1251       1251      Cyrillic (Windows)
Windows-1252       1252      Western European (Windows)
windows-1253       1253      Greek (Windows)
windows-1254       1254      Turkish (Windows)
csISO2022JP        50221     Japanese (JIS-Allow 1 byte Kana)
iso-2022-kr        50225     Korean (ISO)

Assembly: Bytescout.BarCode.QRCode (in Bytescout.BarCode.QRCode.dll) Version:
public void SetCharacterEncoding(
	string encondingName


Type: SystemString

[Missing <param name="encondingName"/> documentation for "M:Bytescout.BarCode.QRCode.SetCharacterEncoding(System.String)"]

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