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Bytescout.BarCode Namespace

Public classBarcodeException
Public classBarcodeProfileException
Public classLicenseInfo
License information.
Public classMargins
Class that describes barcode margins.
Public classQRCode
Represents QR Code barcode generator.
Public classValueComposer
Helps to create barcode values for vCard, e-mail, and SMS messages that should be correctly handled by mobile barcode readers.
Public enumerationBarcodeHorizontalAlignment
Public enumerationBarcodeVerticalAlignment
Public enumerationCaptionAlignment
Describes options for barcode caption alignment.
Public enumerationCaptionPosition
Describes options for barcode caption position.
Public enumerationQREncodeHint
Describes the library how non-alphanumerical characters should be encoded.
Public enumerationQRErrorCorrectionLevel
Level of error correction in QR Code symbols