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QRCodeAddDecorationImage Method (Image, Int32)

Adds decorative image to draw in the center of the QR Code.

Assembly: Bytescout.BarCode.QRCode (in Bytescout.BarCode.QRCode.dll) Version:
public void AddDecorationImage(
	Image image,
	int scale


Type: System.DrawingImage
Image to add to barcode.
Type: SystemInt32
Scale of the image square relatively to the barcode square, in percents. Recommended is 15 percents with the highest error correction level. Set -1 to disable the scaling.
Note, the embedded image damages the barcode, but the QR Code's error correction alorithm makes it possible to decode the damaged barcode if the damage doesn't exceed 7-30% of barcode square (depending on the error correction level). See QROption_ErrorCorrectionLevel. It's recommended to generate the QR Code with highest error correction level and check the barcode is still decodable after image applying. To read the barcode you can use ByteScout Barcode Reader SDK:
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