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RenderingOptions Properties

The RenderingOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyFontHintingMode
Gets or sets the font hinting mode. Affects the appearance of small fonts.
Public propertyImageBitsPerPixel
Gets or sets output images pixel format (bits per pixel). Default is 24 BPP.
Public propertyImageInterpolationMode
Gets or sets the image interpolation mode.
Public propertyJPEGQuality
Gets or sets the quality of output JPEG images.
Public propertyNightMode
Gets or sets whether the "Night Mode" is enabled. In the night mode document is rendered with black background, black text becomes white, images are dimmed.
Public propertyOneBitConversionAlgorithm
The algorithm to use for conversion to 1-bit (black and white) image.
Public propertyPreferSystemFontsObsolete.
Gets or sets whether to prefer fonts installed in system instead of fonts embedded into PDF document. Only fonts with identical names and font family will be substituted.
Public propertyRenderCurveVectorObjects
Gets or sets whether to render curve vector objects. True by default.
Public propertyRenderImageObjects
Gets or sets whether to render image objects. True by default.
Public propertyRenderTextObjects
Gets or sets whether to render text objects. True by default.
Public propertyRenderVectorObjects
Gets or sets whether to render vector objects. True by default.
Public propertyResolutionOverride
Use this property if you need to override the resolution field of the generated image.
Public propertyRotateFlipType
Gets or sets the rotation of output image. Default is RotateFlipType.RotateNoneFlipNone.
Public propertyTextSmoothingMode
Gets or sets the text smoothing mode.
Public propertyTIFFCompression
Gets or sets the compression type of output TIFF images. Default is TIFFCompression.LZW.
Public propertyVectorSmoothingMode
Gets or sets the vector smoothing mode.
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