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Bytescout.PDFRenderer Namespace

Public classBaseRenderer
Defines a base class for PDF renderers.
Public classDocumentPrinter
DocumentPrinter class helps to send PDF document to a printer in silent mode.
Public classLicenseInfo
License information.
Public classPDFRendererCancellationException
Cancellation exception.
Public classPDFRendererDamagedDocumentException
Invalid password exception.
Public classPDFRendererException
Represents errors that occur during PDF extraction process.
Public classPDFRendererInvalidPasswordException
Invalid password exception.
Public classPDFRendererProfileException
Public classRasterRenderer
Represents PDF to raster image renderer.
Public classRenderingOptions
Rendering options.
Public classVectorRenderer
Represents PDF to Vector image renderer.
Public interfaceIBaseRenderer
Defines a base interface for PDF renderers.
Public interfaceIProfiles
Defines profiles support.
Public interfaceIRasterRenderer
Defines PDF to raster image renderer interface.
Public interfaceIRenderingOptions
Rendering options.
Public interfaceIVectorRenderer
Defines the PDF to Vector image rendering interface.
Public delegateBaseRendererParsingErrorEventHandler
Defines ParsingError event parameters.
Public delegateBaseRendererProgressEventHandler
Defines progress event parameters.
Public enumerationFontHintingMode
Font hinting mode. Works only if TextSmoothingMode is equal HighQuality.
Public enumerationGraphicsTransformationQuality
Defines smoothing quality for text and vector graphics; interpolation quality for raster images.
Public enumerationImageBitsPerPixel
Defines image pixel format.
Public enumerationOneBitConversionAlgorithm
The algorithm to use for conversion to 1-bit (black and white) image.
Public enumerationOngoingOperation
The ongoing operation for ProgressChanged event.
Public enumerationRasterImageFormat
Defines raster image output formats.
Public enumerationRotateFlipType
Specifies the direction of an image's rotation and the axis used to flip the image.
Public enumerationTIFFCompression
Defines TIFF image compression.