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ImagePreprocessingFilterList Class

Represents collection of image preprocessing filters.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Assembly: ByteScout.DocumentParser (in ByteScout.DocumentParser.dll) Version:
public class ImagePreprocessingFilterList : IEnumerable

The ImagePreprocessingFilterList type exposes the following members.

Public methodImagePreprocessingFilterList
Initializes a new instance of the ImagePreprocessingFilterList class
Public methodAddContrast
Adds contrast image processing filter.
Public methodAddDeskew
Adds deskew image processing filter with default angle threshold 0.4 deg (minimal admissible skew angle).
Public methodAddDeskew(Double)
Adds deskew image processing filter with specified angle threshold (minimal admissible skew angle).
Public methodAddDilate
Adds dilate image processing filter.
Public methodAddFit
Adds "Fit" image filter with the specified size limit. When the image width or height exceeds the limit, the image proportionally resized to it.
Public methodAddGammaCorrection
Adds gamma correction filter with default value 1.4.
Public methodAddGammaCorrection(Double)
Adds gamma correction filter.
Public methodAddGrayscale
Adds "Grayscale" image filter.
Public methodAddHorizontalLinesRemover
Adds horizontal lines remover filter.
Public methodAddInvert
Adds "Invert" (negative) image filter.
Public methodAddMedian
Adds median image processing filter.
Public methodAddMedian(Int32)
Adds median filter with specified block size.
Public methodAddScale
Adds "Scale" image filter with specified scale factor. In example, '2.0' - double the size.
Public methodAddVerticalLinesRemover
Adds vertical lines remover filter.
Public methodClear
Clears the collection.
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