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ByteScout.DocumentParser Namespace

Public classBatchProcessing
Represents batch processing utilities.
Public classClassifier
Represents a class that uses list of rules to classify a document (PDF or image).
Public classClassifierException
Represents errors that occur during PDF extraction process.
Public classComHelpers
Class that contains methods and constants that help use the SDK as ActiveX object from VBScript, VBA, VB6, Delphi, Visual C++.
Public classCSVOptions
CSV format options.
Public classDocumentParser
Represents a document parser that use regex-based templates to find and extract required data from documents in PDF or raster image formats.
Public classHelpers
Helping methods.
Public classImagePreprocessingFilterList
Represents collection of image preprocessing filters.
Public classLicenseInfo
License information.
Public classParserDamagedDocumentException
Damaged document exception.
Public classParserException
Represents errors that occur during PDF extraction process.
Public classParserInvalidPasswordException
Invalid password exception.
Public classParserPermissionsException
Permissions exception.
Public classParsingResult
Public classResultField
Public classResultObject
Public classResultTable
Public classResultTableCell
Public classStructureCoordinates
Public classTemplate
Public classTemplateDetectionRules
Public classTemplateFieldProperties
Public classTemplateFieldRepeatProperties
Public classTemplateGlobalTextFilterProperty
Public classTemplateObject
Public classTemplateOptions
Public classTemplateTableAutoDetectionProperties
Public classTemplateTableBoundProperty
Public classTemplateTableColumnProperty
Public classTemplateTableFilterProperty
Public classTemplateTableProperties
Public classTemplateTableProperty
Public classTemplateTableRowProperty
Public delegateBatchProcessingProcessingCallback
Callback delegate to get progress information from batch precessing methods.
Public delegateClassifierPasswordEventHandler
Represents parameters for PasswordRequired event.
Public delegateDocumentParserParsingLogEventHandler
ParsingLog event handler delegate.
Public delegateDocumentParserPasswordEventHandler
Represents parameters for PasswordRequired event.
Public enumerationClassifierRuleLogic
Defines a logic of classifier rules.
Public enumerationOCRMode
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) usage mode.
Public enumerationOutputFormat
Output format.
Public enumerationTemplateFieldType
Public enumerationTemplateObjectType

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