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HelpersAutodetectStandardFields Method (Stream, String, String, String, String)

Try to detect some standard fields such as Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Total, etc.

Assembly: ByteScout.DocumentParser (in ByteScout.DocumentParser.dll) Version:
public static TemplateObject[] AutodetectStandardFields(
	Stream inputStream,
	string templateCulture = null,
	string ocrLanguageDataFolder = null,
	string ocrLanguage = null,
	string documentPassword = null


Type: System.IOStream
Stream the contains the test document (PDF or image).
templateCulture (Optional)
Type: SystemString
Template culture. Default is "en-US".
ocrLanguageDataFolder (Optional)
Type: SystemString
Folder that contains OCR language data files.
ocrLanguage (Optional)
Type: SystemString
OCR language.
documentPassword (Optional)
Type: SystemString
PDF document password.

Return Value

Type: TemplateObject
Array of detected template objects.
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