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ClassifierAddRulesFromSpreadsheet Method (Stream, Boolean)

Adds rules and key phrases from a spreadsheet file stream (XLS, XLSX, CSV, ODS).

Assembly: ByteScout.DocumentParser (in ByteScout.DocumentParser.dll) Version:
public void AddRulesFromSpreadsheet(
	Stream spreadsheetStream,
	bool caseSensitive = true


Type: System.IOStream
Spreadsheet file stream.
caseSensitive (Optional)
Type: SystemBoolean
Case sensitivity of rules. Default is True (case sensitive).
The spreadsheet should be presented in the following form. First column: class name. Second column: rule logic - "AND" or "OR". Subsequent columns should contain key phrases or regular expressions - one key phrase or regular expression per column (cell). Regular expressions are expected in ECMA format (as used in JavaScript): the expression must be embraced with slashes '/ /' with optional regex options in the end, for example: "/ab+c/i".
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