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BarcodeControl Properties

The BarcodeControl type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAccessibilityObject (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyAccessibleDefaultActionDescription (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyAccessibleDescription (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyAccessibleName (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyAccessibleRole (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyActiveControl (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Public propertyAddChecksum
Gets or sets a value indicating whether checksum should be added to barcode.
Public propertyAddChecksumToCaption
Gets or sets a value indicating whether checksum should be added to barcode caption.
Public propertyAdditionalCaption
Gets or sets the additional barcode caption text to draw.
Public propertyAdditionalCaptionAlignment
Gets or sets text alignment of the additional barcode caption.
Public propertyAdditionalCaptionFont
Gets or sets the font of the additional barcode caption.
Public propertyAdditionalCaptionPosition
Gets or sets the position of the additional caption.
Public propertyAllowDrop (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyAnchor (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyAngle
Gets or sets the barcode rotation angle in degrees.
Public propertyAutoFitToControlSize
Public propertyAutoScaleDimensions (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Protected propertyAutoScaleFactor (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Public propertyAutoScaleMode (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Public propertyAutoScroll (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Public propertyAutoScrollMargin (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Public propertyAutoScrollMinSize (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Public propertyAutoScrollOffset (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyAutoScrollPosition (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Public propertyAutoSize (Inherited from UserControl.)
Public propertyAutoSizeMode (Inherited from UserControl.)
Public propertyAutoValidate (Inherited from UserControl.)
Public propertyBackColor
Gets or sets the color used to draw the barcode background.
(Overrides ControlBackColor.)
Public propertyBackgroundImage (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyBackgroundImageLayout (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyBarHeight
Gets or sets the height of the barcode bars in pixels.
Public propertyBindingContext (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Public propertyBorderStyle (Inherited from UserControl.)
Public propertyBottom (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyBounds (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyCanEnableIme (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Public propertyCanFocus (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyCanRaiseEvents (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyCanSelect (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyCaption
Gets or sets the barcode caption (by default this is encoded value).
Public propertyCaptionAlignment
Gets or sets the alignment of barcode caption text.
Public propertyCaptionFont
Gets or sets the font of the barcode caption.
Public propertyCaptionPosition
Gets or sets the position of the barcode caption.
Public propertyCapture (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyCausesValidation (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyClientRectangle (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyClientSize (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyCompanyName (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyContainer (Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyContainsFocus (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyContextMenu (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyContextMenuStrip (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyControls (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyCreated (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyCreateParams (Inherited from UserControl.)
Public propertyCurrentAutoScaleDimensions (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Public propertyCursor (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyCutUnusedSpace
Gets or sets a value indicating whether unused space should be cut when drawing or saving barcode images. Unused space is usually a result of calling one of FitInto methods with size greater then needed to draw barcode.
Public propertyDataBindings (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyDefaultCursor (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyDefaultImeMode (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyDefaultMargin (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyDefaultMaximumSize (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyDefaultMinimumSize (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyDefaultPadding (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyDefaultSize (Inherited from UserControl.)
Protected propertyDesignMode (Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyDisplayRectangle (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Public propertyDisposing (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyDock (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyDockPadding (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Protected propertyDoubleBuffered (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyDrawCaption
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to draw the barcode encoded value.
Public propertyDrawCaptionFor2DBarcodes
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to draw the barcode encoded value for 2D barcodes.
Public propertyDrawQuietZones
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to draw quite zones when barcode type supposes such zones.
Public propertyEnabled (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyEvents (Inherited from Component.)
Public propertyFocused (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyFont (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyFontHeight (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyForeColor
Gets or sets the color used to draw the barcode bars and caption(s).
(Overrides ControlForeColor.)
Public propertyHandle (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyHasChildren (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyHeight (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyHorizontalAlignment
Gets or sets the horizontal alignment of the barcode within the container.
Public propertyHorizontalScroll (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Protected propertyHScroll (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Public propertyImeMode (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyImeModeBase (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyInvokeRequired (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyIsAccessible (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyIsDisposed (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyIsHandleCreated (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyIsMirrored (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyLayoutEngine (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyLeft (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyLicenseInfo
Gets license information.
Public propertyLocation (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyMargin (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyMargins
Gets or sets the barcode margins in pixels.
Public propertyMaximumSize (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyMinimumSize (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyName (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyNarrowBarWidth
Gets or sets the width of the narrow bar in pixels.
Public propertyOptions
Gets or sets the barcode symbology specific options.
Public propertyPadding (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyParent (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyParentForm (Inherited from ContainerControl.)
Public propertyPreferredSize (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyPreserveMinReadableSize
Gets or sets a value indicating whether to check output size so it's not less than barcode size. Use FitInto() method to fit barcode into a given physical size.
Public propertyProduceMonochromeImages
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the component should produce monochrome (1-bit, black and white) images.
Public propertyProductName (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyProductVersion (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyProfiles
Public propertyRecreatingHandle (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyRegion (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyRegistrationKey
Gets or sets the key number part of registration information.
Public propertyRegistrationName
Gets or sets the name part of the registration information.
Public propertyRenderingHint
Gets or sets the text rendering quality.
Protected propertyRenderRightToLeftObsolete. (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyResizeRedraw (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyResolutionX
Gets or sets the horizontal resolution of barcode.
Public propertyResolutionY
Gets or sets the vertical resolution of barcode.
Public propertyRight (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyRightToLeft (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyRoundDots
Sets whether to generate barcodes with round dots. Works only for QR Code, DataMatrix, and Aztec barcode types.
Public propertyRoundDotsScale
Scale factor for RoundDots in percents.
Protected propertyScaleChildren (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyShowFocusCues (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyShowKeyboardCues (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertySite (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertySize (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertySmoothingMode
Gets or sets the barcode rendering quality.
Public propertySupplementValue
Gets or sets the supplementary barcode value to encode (used with EAN-13, ISBN and UPC-A barcodes).
Public propertySymbology
Gets or sets the barcode symbology type.
Public propertyTabIndex (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyTabStop (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyTag (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyText (Inherited from UserControl.)
Public propertyTop (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyTopLevelControl (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyUseWaitCursor (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyValue
Gets or sets the barcode value to encode.
Public propertyVersion
Gets the component version number.
Public propertyVerticalAlignment
Gets or sets the vertical alignment of the barcode within the container.
Public propertyVerticalScroll (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Public propertyVisible (Inherited from Control.)
Protected propertyVScroll (Inherited from ScrollableControl.)
Public propertyWideToNarrowRatio
Gets or sets the width of the wide bar relative to the narrow bar.
Public propertyWidth (Inherited from Control.)
Public propertyWindowTarget (Inherited from Control.)
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