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WIAImageScanner Class

This class can be used to call scanner or web-camera and acquire images from it using WIA interface in Windows. This class uses WIA 1 or WIA 2 (automatically checks which one is available) uses run-time late binding to call WIA 1 (Windows XP) or 2 (Windows Vista or higher) so no additional references are required.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Assembly: Bytescout.BarCodeReader (in Bytescout.BarCodeReader.dll) Version:
public class WIAImageScanner : IWIAImageScanner

The WIAImageScanner type exposes the following members.

Public methodWIAImageScanner
Creates image scanner object.
Public propertyDeviceType
Device types to work with. Default is UnspecifiedDeviceType so it works with almost all web camera and scanner devices.
Public propertyImageIntent
Acquired images intent (Color mode).
Public propertyImageQuality
Output image quality. Maximize quality by default.
Public propertyOutputFileNameTemplate
Template for output filename. Default is "scanned".
Public propertyOutputFiles
List of acquired image files.
Public propertyOutputFilesCOM
List of acquired image files in ActiveX/COM compatible array.
Public propertyOutputFolder
Output folder for acquired images. User's "My Pictures" folder is default.
Public propertyOutputImageFormat
Output image format. Default is PNG.
Public propertyShowDeviceSelectionDialog
Show device selection dialog or not (true by default).
Public methodAcquire
Acquire images from WIA device. Output files are in OutputFiles list.
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