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ColorConversionMode Enumeration

Colors conversion mode. Controls how colors from the original image are converted into data for further analysis.

Assembly: Bytescout.BarCodeReader (in Bytescout.BarCodeReader.dll) Version:
public enum ColorConversionMode
Member nameValueDescription
ImageBlocks0 (0) Block mode. Image colors and brightness analysed by blocks on the go. Unviersal and adaptive. Used by default.
Image1 (1) Image is analyzed as one large block when converting colors.
Enhancing2 (2) Alternative mode useful with some dark and unfocused barcode photos.
NoiseFilter3 (3) Modified ImageBlocks mode filtering noise using fine Median filter. Useful on some corrupted barcodes.
Smoothed4 (4) Modified ImageBlocks mode dilating darks lines/dots of the barcode. Useful on some corrupted barcodes.
GridFiltering5 (5) Grid filtering mode. Removes parasite grid artefacts from image background causing slowdown. Useful on scanned graph (plotting) paper.
Threshold6 (6) Simples and fastest mode with simple cutoff by predefined threshold level.
Legacy7 (7) Legacy implementation of the default block mode.
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