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About ByteScout Text Recognition SDK for .NET and ActiveX/COM

ByteScout Text Recognition SDK for .NET and ActiveX/COM provides a functionality to recognize text from scanned documents (images or PDF) using OCR (Optical Character Recognition).


  • Does not require any 3rd-party applications or tools installed (Adobe Reader or any other software).

  • Recognizes data from whole document page or specified rectangular regions.

  • Provides graphics filters to improve the recognition confidence of scanned documents.

  • Provides interface to add automatic corrections of OCR errors.

  • Provides ActiveX/COM interface to use from legacy programming languages (Visual C++, Visual Basic 6, Delphi) and scripting (VBscript, JScript and others).

  • And much more...

Some functions of Text Recognition SDK are also available as REST-compliant Web API.

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