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Copy Data Between Spreadsheets - VBScript

Spreadsheet SDK sample in VBScript demonstrating ‘Copy Data Between Spreadsheets’

' Create and activate two Spreadsheet objects
Set srcDocument = CreateObject("Bytescout.Spreadsheet.Spreadsheet")
srcDocument.RegistrationName = "demo"
srcDocument.RegistrationKey = "demo"
Set dstDocument = CreateObject("Bytescout.Spreadsheet.Spreadsheet")
dstDocument.RegistrationName = "demo"
dstDocument.RegistrationKey = "demo"

' Load exported data
srcDocument.LoadFromFile ".\sample.csv"
' Load destination document
dstDocument.LoadFromFile ".\destination.xlsx"

' Get worksheets
Set srcWorksheet = srcDocument.Worksheet(0)
Set dstWorksheet = dstDocument.Worksheet(0)

' Copy data from source to destination
For row = 0 To 3
    For column = 0 To 3
        dstWorksheet.Cell(row, column).Value = srcWorksheet.Cell(row, column).Value

' Recalculate formulas

' Save modified document as "result.xls"
dstDocument.SaveAs ".\result.xls"

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