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Bytescout.Spreadsheet.Structures Namespace

Public classCellsRange
A structure that specifies a range of cells on the sheet.
Public classHPageBreak
Represents a horizontal page break.
Public classPageBreak
This structure specifies individual row or column breaks Please take a look at: Excel Binary File Format (.xls) Structure Specification 2.5.160 HorzBrk 2.5.276 VertBrk ECMA-376 (.xlsx) Fundamentals and Markup Language Reference brk (Break)
Public classVPageBreak
Represents a vertical page break.
Public enumerationPaneTypes
The enumeration specifies the different types of panes. Please take a look at: Open XML spec, 18.18.52 ST_Pane (Pane Types) [MS-XLS] 2.5.196 PaneType