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Bytescout.Spreadsheet Namespace

Public classAreas
A collection of the areas, or contiguous blocks of cells.
Public classBiffChartSaveException
Represents errors that occur saving chart to biff stream.
Public classBorder
Represents the border of an object.
Public classBuiltInFuncException
Built-in function in formula exception
Public classCell
Cell class
Public classColumn
Column class
Public classColumns
The list of Column class
Public classConversionOptions
Conversion options for XLS to CSV, TXT and other conversions
Public classDefinedName
Represents a defined name
Public classDefinedNameException
Defined name exception
Public classExceptionEventArgs
Provides data for the Error event
Public classExtendedFormat
Extended format class
Public classFormulaCalculationException
Formula calculation exception
Public classFormulaReferenceException
Formula reference exception
Public classFuncNotSupportedException
Built-in function is not supported exception
Public classHTMLTemplate
HTML Template
Public classHyperLink
Represents a hyperlink
Public classHyperLinks
Public classIncorrectOLEAutomationDateException
Not a valid OLE Automation Date value exception
Public classInterior
Represents the interior of an object
Public classInvalidPasswordException
Spreadsheet protect exception
Public classLicenseInfo
License information.
Public classOpenXMLParserException
Open XML (XLSX) parser exception
Public classRange
Range class
Public classRow
Row class
Public classRows
The list of Row class
Public classSearchOptions
Search options class
Public classSpreadsheet
Main class for read and create XLS files
Public classSpreadsheetChartException
Represents errors that occur saving chart to biff stream.
Public classSpreadsheetComponent
Spreadsheet component
Public classSpreadsheetException
Spreadsheet exception
Public classSpreadsheetFont
Spreadsheet font class
Public classSpreadsheetFormulaException
Spreadsheet formula exception
Public classSpreadsheetOptions
Spreadsheet options class
Public classSpreadsheetProtectionException
Spreadsheet protect exception
Public classSpreadsheetProtectionPasswordRequired
Exception thrown when spreadsheet is protected with the password
Public classSpreadsheetProtectionXLSSheetLimitationsException
Spreadsheet protect exception
Public classSpreadsheetReferenceException
Spreadsheet reference exception
Public classSpreadsheetWebControl
Spreadsheet web control
Public classValidation
Represents data validation criteria defined for a worksheet range.
Public classWorkbook
Workbook class
Public classWorkbookView
Specifies attributes of a window used to display a sheets. Please take a look at: Open XML spec(ECMA-376), 18.2.30 workbookView (Workbook View) [MS-XLS] 2.4.345 Window1
Public classWorksheet
Worksheet class
Public classWorksheets
The list of WorkSheet class
Public delegateCalcErrorHandler
Represents the method that will handle the OnCalcError event of a Spreadsheet
Public delegateCustomFunctionsCallback
Event handler delegate for calling custom functions
Public delegateProgress
Event handler delegate for the file loading prcess.
Public enumerationCacheType
XLS format file caching type
Public enumerationCellsSelectionMethod
Cells celection method
Public enumerationOutputFormat
Output format type