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Installation Tasks (ActiveX for VB6 and other)

WINDOWS SERVER and WINDOWS TERMINAL SERVER MACHINES: to use DLL from the SDK on Windows Server machine you need to activate it first. Copy Activation.exe or ActivationConsole.exe and run it to perform activation of your server machine first.

non-SERVER WINDOWS 7/10/11 MACHINES: just copy the dll files along with your app and run your app. No activation is required on non-Server edition of Windows unless defined otherwise.

SDK license allows you to re-distribute dlls along with your end-user application/product to a given number of Windows Server or non-Server Windows machines which are defined by your license type.

The copy of the dlls that you can include iwth your app is located in /Redistributable/ folder (IMPORTANT: please use FULL version of the product. Files from DEMO or FREE TRIAL versions must not be used in a final product or app).

There are ready-to-use batch files (.bat) to automatically copy required files and install them properly

To install the SDK: - copy /Redistributable/ folder to the target computer - run /ActiveX/InstallAsActiveX.bat in "As Administrator" mode to install the runtime files of the SDK

To uninstall the SDK: - run /ActiveX/UninstallAsActiveX.bat n "As Administrator" mode to uninstall runtime files of the SDK