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History (changes log)

ByteScout Spreadsheet SDK history of changes.

- - bug fixed
+ - new feature
= - changed
! - critical
------------------------- (April 27, 2023)
= Minor fixes and improvements. (June 7, 2022)
- Fixed case sensitive issue in function names.
= Other minor fixes and improvements. (January 24, 2022)
= .NET Core min required version is 2.1 now (was 2.0).
= Other minor fixes and improvements. (October 4, 2021)
- Fixed ISO-8601 date parsing.
- Fixed formula parsing.
- Fixed handling of shared formulas.
- Fixed black charts background in XLS format.
= Other minor fixes and improvements. (May 18, 2021)
+ Added support for 'HYPERLINK' function.
= Improved import of CSV with nested quotation and multiline cells.
= Improved data types detection in CSV import.
- Fixed null exceptions during the loading of some SpreadsheetML (XML Spreadsheet) files.
- Fixed CSV export: do not convert numeric strings with leading zeros, like "00123" to numbers.
- Fixed saving of 'PageSetup.Zoom' property in XLS format.
- Fixed column auto-fit when the column contains merged cells.
- Fixed very rare 'temp file exists' conflict.
= Other minor fixes and improvements. (February 8, 2021)
+ WinFormsControl: Added support for touch gestures: panning and inertial scrolling.
= Improved CSV export.
= Improved parsing of formulas.
= Improved support for custom cell formats.
= Improved worksheet splitting and freezing.
- Added missing "COUNTIFS" formula.
- PDF export: fixed crash on empty spreadsheet.
- Fixed loading of SpreadsheetML (XML Spreadsheet) documents from stream.
= .NET Core build is now Linux-compatible.
= Other minor fixes and improvements. (October 26, 2020)
+ Added support for SUBSTITUTE and COUNTBLANK functions.
- Fixed parsing and calculation of the unary plus and minus operators.
- Fixed freezing of rows and columns.
- Fixed saving of named ranges in XLS and XLSX formats.
- Fixed editing of protected worksheets.
= Improved parsing of OpenXML spreadsheets.
= Added informational properties 'Cell.ColIndex' and 'Cell.RowIndex'.
- Fixed 'Row.NumberFormat' and 'Column.NumberFormat' properties.
- Fixed 'Cell.FontColorIndex' property.
= Improved ODF spreadsheet detection when reading from stream.
- Fixed tread-safety issue.
= Improved .NET Core compatibility.
= Other minor fixes and improvements. (July 1, 2020)
= Improved the parsing of formulas.
= Improved handling of protected worksheets.
= 'Workbook.PictureList' now contains collection of all images in the spreadsheet.
= Improved automatic page size when exporting to PDF.
= Other minor fixes and improvements. (March 19, 2020)
- Conditional formatting was lost when saving.
- Worksheet auto-calculation was not working for some formulas.
= Improved support for worksheet protection.
= Improved .NET Core compatibility.
= Other minor fixes and improvements. (February 11, 2020)
= Improved export to PDF format.
= Other minor fixes and improvements. (December 4, 2019)
+ Added Worksheet reference to 'CustomFunctionsCallback' delegate providing access 
  to worksheet that contains custom function.
- Fixed calculation of custom functions when opening a document.
= Other minor fixes and improvements. (November 1, 2019)
+ XLSX: Added support for Table objects and references.
- Fixed parsing of formulas with omitted arguments.
= Improved parsing of complex headers and footers.
= Other minor fixes and improvements. (October 1, 2019)
= Improved parsing of Excel functions.
= Minor fixes and improvements. (September 2, 2019)
= Minor fixes and improvements. (August 6, 2019)
= Minor fixes and improvements. (July 1, 2019)
= Accelerated parsing of spreadsheets that contain very large named ranges.
= Minor fixes and improvements. (May 18, 2019)
+ Added password parameter to 'SaveAsPDF()' method.
= Improved export to JSON.
+ Added option to disable automatic calculation.
+ Added new set of properties 'Workbook.WorkbookView' containing 
  visual options for Excel tabs and scroll bars.
- Fixed exception when running in Medium Trust web application.
= Other minor fixes and improvements. (March 12, 2019)
= Improved support of legacy XLS format.
- Fixed crash when loading documents containing print settings.
= Other minor fixes and improvements. (February 4, 2018)
- Fixed 'PageSetup.CenterHorizontally' and 'PageSetup.CenterVertically' properties.
= Added 'PageSetup.PrintHeadings' property.
- Minor fix in parsing formulas.
= Other minor fixes and improvements. (October 22, 2018)
= Improved support of SpreadsheetML (XML Spreadsheet) input format.
= Improved PDF tables formatting.
- Fixed PDF export of multiline cell values.
= Other minor bug fixes and improvements. (July 18, 2018)
+ Added support SpreadsheetML (XML Spreadsheet) input format.
- PDF export: fixed landscape orientation and margins.
- Fixed parsing of text styles in cells containing rich text.
= Other minor bug fixes and improvements. (April 09, 2018)
+ Added 'CustomFunctionsCallback' allowing to implement custom functions for cell formulas.
  See "Custom Functions" source code example for demonstration.
- Fixed parsing of references of form "'sheetName'!cellAddress:'sheetName'!cellAddress".
= Other minor bug fixes and improvements. (January 22, 2018)
= Improved export to PDF.
+ Added property Worksheet.PageSetup.FitToPage.
+ Added property Worksheet.PageSetup.PrintGridLines.
+ Added properties GridLinesColorEnabled and GridLineColor to Worksheet.ViewOptions. (November 8, 2017)
- Fixed crash on saving XLS document containing 'doughnut' chart.
- Fixed bug with saving formulas in XLSX format.
- Fixed crash on saving XLSM with controls.
+ Added parameter to force quotation when saving to delimiter-separated formats (CSV, TXT).
= Improved support of ODS format.
= Other minor bug fixes and improvements. (June 1, 2017)
= Improved charts decoration.
= Visual Studio 2017 integration.
= Removed obsolete ClientProfile builds.
- Fixed date datatype reading from ODS files.
- Fixed crash on saving worksheets with a space char in the name.
= Other minor bug fixes and improvements. (March 07, 2017)
- WinFormsControl: Fixed crash on scrolling.
= Other minor bug fixes and improvements. (January 11, 2017)
= Improved conversion to PDF.
+ Added Spreadsheet.Options.CSVDetectDataTypes property allowing to disable 
  the automatic data type detection when importing CSV file.
+ Added OLE/COM versions of Cell.FillPatternForeColor and Cell.FillPatternBackColor properties 
  to use from VBScript and classic ASP.
= Other minor improvements and bug fixes. (October 21, 2016)
= Improved support for malformed XLS files.
- Fixed bug in ODS files loading.
= Other minor improvements and bug fixes. (August 15, 2016)
+ Added support for SHA512-based encryption.
- Fixed calculation of functions INDIRECT, COLUMN and ROW.
= Other minor improvements and bug fixes. (June 16, 2016)
- Fixed custom date format processing.
- Fixed calculation of ROW and COLUMN functions.
= Other minor improvements and bug fixes. (April 12, 2016)
= Improved support of old versions of protected XLS documents.
= Improved parsing of formulas.
+ Added Spreadsheet.ExportToJSON() and Spreadsheet.ImportFromJSON() methods.
+ Added support of Open XML and OpenDocument files with wrong file extension. (February 15, 2016)
Added source code example for unmanaged C++.
Added support for TRIM and LOOKUP functions.
Fixed VLOOKUP function.  
Fixed calculation of formulas with logcal values.  
Improved auto-calculation.
Fixed images location when exporting to PDF. (November 2, 2015)
improved support for XLSX writing and reading, XLS reading and writing, PDF output improved
improved support for damaged XLSX files
improved Import and Export methods
HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP calculation fixed
EOMONTH support added
Support for Visual Studio 2015 added
XLSX with duplicating worksheets improved
CF.NET compatibility fixed
PDF output improved
Natural Language References support improved in formulas (June 17, 2015)
read XLS, write XLS, read XLSX, write XLS better
XLSX support improved and consumes much less memory now
minor improvements and bug-fixes (April 6, 2015)
reading and writing of XLS files improved
Windows CE and Pocket PC minor issues fixed
new "Save As PDF" source code sample
new "Insert Page Break" source code sample 
new "Add Header And Footer" sample
PHP sample added	
minor bug-fixes and speed improvements (September 9, 2014)
improved handling of incorrect formula values while calculating 
CSV to XLS samples updated
improved XLS format handling
license updated
minor fixes (April 7, 2014)
read xls, write xls, read csv, read xlsx, write xlsx in .NET and ASP.NET
.NET 4.50 dlls added
Visual Studio 2013 support improved
XLSX and XLS writing improved
Index Out Of Range error fixed 
Formula calculation improved
new Worksheet.SaveAsTXT, SaveAsCSV, SaveAsXML methods with encoding selection
number formatting related issues fixes
minor bug-fixes (December 11, 2013)
read xls, write xls, read xlsx, write xlsx in .NET and ASP.NET
improved formulas calculation errors handling
Calculation with OLE links improved
issues with MAX(), ROUNDUP() functions calculation fixed
XLSX reading and writing improved
new sample: Merge Cells and Set Alignment
PHP source code sample added
support for CSV with Unicode symbos added
minor bug-fixes (May 2, 2013)
read xls and write xls .net better with new version
improved xls and xlsx support
minor issues fixed (March 28, 2013)
read and write excel files from .net with this new version
improved xlsx support
simplified licensing: now there are only 2 major type of licenses (for desktop and for web apps)
minor issues fixed (February 20, 2013)
Improved support for shared formulas in XLSX format
AutoFit fixes minor issues related to image sizes
new property: Worksheet.AutoFitRows to enable auto fit for rows
issue fixed related to unlocked ranges on protected worksheets 
improved Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatibility (October 30, 2012)
new methods to load data into selected worksheet directly (currently works for CSV and txt files): Worksheets.AddFromFile(string FileName) and Worksheets.AddFromFile(string FileName, string Delimiter, Encoding Encoding) 
issue fixed: crash on broken link inside cell 
XLSX and formula calculation: now library throws exception in case formula can not be parsed for some reason
minor bug-fixes (September 24, 2012)
XLS format: issue fixed related to incorrect handling of data validation rules with missing cell references
XLSX format: now if the library not able to convert formula in XLSX then raises exception (previously it was working in silent mode exceptions raised)
issue with protected worksheet handling in XLS format fixed
issue with Pivot tables lost fixed when reading XLSX files and writing back to XLSX
Source code sample showing how to use Range.SpecialCells added
Range class improved, now provides .SpecialCells functionality
exceptions handling improved
adding image to spreadsheet document source code sample fixed
fixing issues with some formulas in XLSX format (May 4, 2012)
important security update
minor bug-fixes (April 14, 2012)
view spreadsheet in your application: now includes SpreadsheetControl for WinForms to view spreadsheets in WinForms applications!
RangeSort sample has been added
View Spreadsheet sample added
improved support for sandboxed environments
improved stability
minor bug-fixes (February 7, 2012)
improved speed 
improved memory usage
minor issues with XLSX format fixed
improved HTML export 
updated documentation (offline and online), now includes full set of source code samples for the SDK
minor bug-fixes and improvements (September 29, 2011)
now with 12 chart types supports (see Advanced Examples for C# and VB.NET samples)
issue with incorrect cell border writing causing Cell Format dialog not shown on some Excel versions
new assembly attribute [assembly: SecurityRules(SecurityRuleSet.Level1)] for compatibility with Security-Transparent feature of .NET 4.0.
ImportFromDataSet and ImportFromDataTable will add new worksheets automatically if table row count exceeds 65536.
error causing XLS to open in safe mode fixed
export to CSV and TXT speed improved for large sets of data 
new ImportFromDataSet() and ImportFromDataTable() overloads with row limit parameter
Cell.ValueAsExcelDisplays (Cell.ValueAsString) works correct for formats with [$-F800] [$-F400]. For example, "[$-F800]dddd\,\ mmmm\ dd\,\ yyyy"
fixing issue with Microsoft Office File Validation Add-In opens xls with charts with warning messages
some identifiers in PatternStyle names were changed according to similar names in VBA
.Value property issue with System.Decimal converting to String instead of Double was fixed
CellAddress, CellsRange, VtHeadingPair were transformed from structures into classes
exposed Pictures and PictureShape are available through COM interfaces now
new COM interface samples: Adding Images, Change Column Height, Change Row Height
new method for COM compatibility SetFontProperties(string FontName, bool IsBold, bool IsItalic, bool IsUnderline, float Size, int R, int G, int B)
minor bug-fixes and improvements (May 6, 2011)

new samples were added: Export To 2D Array, Export To Data Table, Export To DataSet, Export To Jagged Array, Export To List, Import From 2D Array, Import From Data Table, Import From DataSet, Import From Jagged Array, Import From List
documentation updates
.NET 3.5, .NET 4.00, .NET 3.5 Client Profile and .NET 4.00 Clent Profile versions assemblies were added
Methods to import from and export to 2D arrays, jagged arrays, Data Grids, Data Tables, Lists were added (see Advanced Examples/ for source code samples
documentation: advanced examples updated to use .LoadFromFile() instead of loading file in constructors
XML documentation is supplied now to provide inline help for classes, methods and properties in Visual Studio
Export To PDF sample added (removing old XLS2PDF sample)
problem with line breaks strings fixed
problem with current locale (CultureInfo.CurrentCulture) used instead of locale from Excel file was fixed
class ViewOptions (Worksheet.ViewOptions) provides new properties: Zoom (sheet view zoom in percents), SplitColumn, SplitRow, SplitHorizontal, SplitVertical, ActivePane (related to splitting of a worksheet window to 4 parts). Works simliar to VBA properties for Window class
problem with not saving current selection in XLS and XLSX files was fixed
Spreadsheet SDK console changed to accept PRO License serials instead of "Console" license types
Saving to PDF function has been added
minor improvements and bug-fixes (9 February 2011)
* minor bug-fixes and improvements
* improved XLSX handling
* improved XLS handling (27 November 2010)
* minor bug-fixes and improvements (12 November 2010)
+ Range.IsEmpty, Worksheet.IsEmpty were added
+ hyperlinks support in HTML export
+ improved support for XLSX format reading and writing
+ improved support for XLS format reading and writing
+ formula calculation improved
* minor bug-fixes (12 May 2010)
! REGISTERED USERS: Now use .RegistrationKey and .RegistrationName properties of Spreadsheet class to set your name and serial key
! Now please use .LoadFromFile() method to load from file instead using Spreadsheet() constructor
* minor bug-fixes in the console version
* minor bug-fixes in XLS and XLSX reading and writing support
+ improved support for XLSX files made with OpenOffice
+ new functions support: HLOOKUP, VLOOKUP (27 April 2010)
* minor bug-fixes in XLSX reading and writing support
* console version has been improved: now /S parameter works for CSV and TXT files as well and provides output for each worksheet as a separate file (20 April 2010)
* minor bug-fixes in XLS reading and writing support
* bug with missing charts after reading and then writing back some XLS (18 April 2010)
* minor bug-fixes 
* .NET 1.10 version: improved support for ASP.NET with .NET 1.10 
* now can be used from ASP.NET 2.00 in the Medium Trust mode (15 April 2010)
* minor bug-fixes (14 April 2010)
* minor bug-fixes for custom colors support for cells (12 April 2010)
+ now can use custom colors for cells, you need to add the color into the palette before using it, for example:

spreadsheet.Workbook.Worksheets[0].Cell("F9").FillPattern = PatternStyle.Solid;
spreadsheet.Workbook.Colors[20] = Color.FromArgb(133, 113, 201);
spreadsheet.Workbook.Worksheets[0].Cell("F9").FillPatternForeColor = Color.FromArgb(133, 113, 201);


spreadsheet.Workbook.Colors[20] = Color.FromArgb(133, 113, 201);
spreadsheet.Workbook.Worksheets[0].Cell("F9").FillPatternForeColor = spreadsheet.Workbook.Colors[20];

spreadsheet.Workbook.Colors[20] = Color.FromArgb(133, 113, 201);
spreadsheet.Workbook.Colors[20] = spreadsheet.Workbook.Worksheets[0].Cell("F9").FillPatternForeColor

* bug with merged cells not working correctly after columns insertion/deletion
+ HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP functions support were added (1 April 2010)
* minor bug-fixes with UsedRangeColumnMax and UsedRangeRowMax while using XLSX files
* minor XLSX improvements (2 March 2010)
* bug fixed with graph objects damaged after worksheet copying/moving operations
* bug fixed with worksheets copying (27 February 2010)
! REGISTERED USERS: Now use .RegistrationKey and .RegistrationName properties of Spreadsheet class to set your name and serial key
! Now please use .LoadFromFile() method to load from file instead using Spreadsheet() constructor
+ IEnumerable implementation for Worksheet class
* Worksheet.Visible support for XLSX fixed
* bug with  UsedRangeColumnMax and UsedRangeRowMax in XLS fixed
* improved XLSX support (22 February 2010)
* minor fixes in formula calculation engine
+ new property: Worksheet.Visible indicate if worksheet is hidden or not (15 February 2010)
* minor formula calculation fixes
* improved support for password protected XLSX files
* minor improvements and bug-fixes (18 January 2010)
* improved XLS reading support
* minor bug-fix with [$-409] like format string support
* minor bug-fixes and improvements (29 December 2009)
* bug with quotes fixed in CSV and TXT writing
* bug fix with HTML text support in XLSX format (22 December 2009)
+ CF.NET (Pocket PC and Windows CE versions) were added
+ support for optional Quote symbol in text export function
+ new Row.AutoFit and Column.AutoFit functions
+ background picture support (for XLS format)
+ XNPV function support added into the calculation engine
+ console edition (Bytescout.Spreadsheet.Console.exe) added for command line use (to convert spreadsheet files from one format to another)
+ search functionality has been added into Worksheet class
* minor bug-fixes and improvements
* improved images supports
* minor bug-fixes and improvements
* improved internal memory management
* minor bug-fixes in XLSX images writings support
* minor bug-fixes in XLSX images writings support
* XLS writing memory requirementes decreased
+ images writing support for XLSX format added
* minor bug-fixes in XLS reading support
* CSV and TXT locked files problem fixed
+ Column.AutoFit function has been added to adjust size of column to a text width
* bug with Short type value not working for Cell.Value fixed
* minor bug-fixes
* XLSX format support minor bug-fixes (bug fixed with Open Office 3.0 while opening XLSX files produced by the library)
* minor bug-fixes and improvements
+ initial pictures support for XLS format (see Worksheet.Pictures...)
* XLS reading functionality minor bug-fixes
* 3D and 3DArea links support in the formula calculation engine
* minor bug-fixes (10 July 2009)
+ now you can use Spreadsheet SDK component from the Toolbox in WinForms and ASP.NET applications
* minor bug-fixes in CSV export support
* minor improvements in installer
* .NET 2.00 dll can work as ActiveX now as well as .NET 1.10 version of the dll
* documentation updates (30 June 2009)
* minor bug-fixes (20 June 2009)
* important memory leaks were fixed (15 June 2009)
* minor bug-fixes in formula calculations engine
* HTML export minor bug-fixes (12 June 2009)
* bug fixed: handle to the file is not released after the exception
* bug fixed with broken text in some spreadsheets
* CONCATENATE formula function support has been added
* XLSX reading has been improved
* HTML export functionality has been greatly improved 
* minor bug-fixes (8 June 2009)
* minor bug-fixes in XLSX reading support (1 June 2009)
* minor bug-fixes in XLSX support (26 May 2009)
* <Data may have been lost> message while opening XLS in Excel fixed 
+ new Spreadsheet.Options class
+ XLS files protection support for worksheets (see Worksheet.Protected, Worksheet.Protect and .UnProtect)
* Bytescout.Spreadsheet.BaseClasses.Gridline renamed into .GridLineColor
* Bytescout.Spreadsheet.BaseClasses.GridLinesColor renamed into .GridLineColorEnabled
* Bytescout.Spreadsheet.Constants.AlignmentHorizontal.CentredSelect renamed into .´┐ŻenteredSelect
* new .RangeSelectionMethod property to control how selection works with merged cells while using .CopyAndPaste and .CopyInto methods
* ActiveX interface support (to use from VBScript, Javascript, Visual Basic 6)
+ SDK now comes with the Dashboard
* minor bug-fixes and improvements
* documentation updates and new samples (19 April 2009)
+ now supports .NET 1.10
* minor bug-fixes in CSV reading support
* minor bug-fixes in calculation support
~ Cell.FormatType has been renamed into Cell.NumberFormatType
~ Cell.NumberFormatType has been renamed into Cell.ValueDataTypeByNumberFormatString 
+ new properties: Cell.ValueAsDouble, Cell.ToDouble, Cell.ToInteger, Cell.ToDateTime, Cell.ToHTML, Cell.IsInteger (indicates if you cell contains float or integer value), Cell.ValueDateType (indicates data type cell contains), Cell.ValueAsUnformattedString, Cell.ValueAsInteger, Cell.ValueAsBoolean
* minor bug-fixes (6 April 2009)
+ .AddInFunctionsNamesLocale property added to set locale for localized functions names
* minor bug-fixes in calculations support (6 April 2009)
* minor internal fixes and improvements
* XIRR function support added into formula calculation engine

2.00.109 (28 March 2009)
* minor fixes in the installer 

2.00.101 (25 March 2009)
+ formula calculation support has been added
~ updated documentation, new samples
* minor bug-fixes

2.00.86 (21 March 2009)
+ new methods: Spreadsheet.SaveAsXLS, SaveAsXLS, SaveAsTXT, SaveAsCSV, SaveAsXML
+ new methods: Spreadsheet.SaveToStreamXLS, SaveToStreamSaveAsXLS, SaveToStreamSaveAsTXT, SaveToStreamSaveAsCSV, SaveToStreamSaveAsXML
+ minor changes and bug-fixes

1.50.57 (14 March 2009)
~ WorkBook renamed to Workbook (case-sensitive)
~ Worksheet.LastRow renamed to .UsedRangeRowMax
~ Worksheet.LastColumn renamed to .UsedRangeColumnMax
* minor bug-fixes

1.50.54 (25 Feb 2009)
~ .ValueAsString removed, use .ToString() and .ValueAsExcelDisplays instead
+ support for tab-delimited .TXT files reading
+ can set delimiter char while reading spreadsheet from TXT or CSV file
* minor bug-fixes

1.50.25 (25 Jan 2009)
!! the DLL renamed from Bytescout.XLS.dll into Bytescout.Spreadsheet.dll
!! the namespace renamed from Bytescout.XLS into Bytescout.Spreadsheet
~ method Cell.ValueFormatted renamed Cell.ValueAsHTML~ method 
~ method Cell.Type renamed Cell.TypeBIFFFormat
~ method Cell.GetFormatType renamed Cell.NumberFormatType
~ method Cell.Calc renamed Cell.Calculate
~ method Row.ColCount renamed Row.ColumnCount
~ method Row.colMax renamed Row.LastNonEmptyColumn
~ method Row.colMin renamed Row.FirstNonEmptyColumn
+ new method Vell.ValueAsExcelDisplays
* minor bug-fix with loading XLS containing some types of charts

1.40.22 ( October 2008)
+ new method to copy worksheets: Worksheets.Copy()

1.40.1 (18 October 2008)
+ new method to copy worksheets: Worksheets.Copy()

1.40 (15 October 2008)
+ XLSWorkBook.Properties added to work with SummaryInformation structure to write and read XLS document properties
* Cell.NumberFormat property reading support
* minor bug-fixes in negative values reading

1.33 RC2 (27 September 2008)
* minor bug-fixes in ODS reading support

1.32.2 (23 July 2008)
+ advanced samples for VB.NET were added (see /Examples/Advanced Examples/ folder
* minor bug-fixes
* minor documentation updates

1.32.1 (26 June 2008)
* minor bug-fixes in XLS writing support
+ new samples in the documentation

1.32 (25 June 2008)
* bug fixed with file blocking while using existing spreadsheet file to read from 
* improved XLS format support (for XLS produced by Open Office)
* minor bug-fixes

1.31 RC7 (16 June 2008)
* minor bug-fixes in XLS reading support

1.31 RC6 (14 June 2008)
+ new property Cell.ValueAsDateTime to read/write datetime values from cell
* minor bug-fixes

1.31 RC4 (9 June 2008)
* minor bug-fixes
* minor bug-fixes in unmerging cells support

1.31 RC3 (4 June 2008)
* minor bug-fixes in XLS writing support
* internal optimization (XLS writing support)
* updated documentation
* minor bug-fixes

1.31 RC2 (31 May 2008)
~ improved exception handling
~ improved cell format reading property

1.31 RC1 (27 May 2008)
+ support for merging/unmerging cells functionality: Cell.Merge, Cell.Unmerge, Cell.MergedWith and Cell.MergedWithCell
* minor bug-fixes

1.30.4 (6 May 2008)
+ New methods for Range class: InnerBorderStyle, InnerBorderColor, OuterBorderStyle, OuterBorderColor
~ .Format property of Cell, Column, Row, Range classes supports writing now as well (so you can copy formatting using code like this Sheet.Range("B2:M32").Format = Sheet.Cell("B2").Format;)
* XSLX format reading support improved
+ Worksheet.Active property added to select the worksheet selected by default
* bug with non-selected worksheets while writing XLS fixed
~ Bytescout.XLS.Constants.HorAlignment has been renamed to Bytescout.XLS.Constants.AlignmentHorizontal
~ Bytescout.XLS.Constants.VerticalAlignment has been renamed to Bytescout.XLS.Constants.AlignmentVertical
+ CSV reading support has been added
+ New properties for Row, Column, Cell, Range classes: IsDiagonalDownLine, IsDiagonalUpLine, DiagonalBorderStyle,
DiagonalBorderColor to set color and style for diagonal lines for cell(s) formatting
* minor bug-fixes
~ updated documentation
+ more advanced examples were added (see /Examples/Advanced Examples/)

1.30 RC (5 April 2008)
+ support for XLSX (Excel 2007) documents reading (formula reading are not supported yet)
+ support for ODS (Open Office) documents reading (formula reading are not supported yet)
+ new samples: Find string and highlight the cell with this string; Using different fonts; Line styles demonstration
* bug with worksheets renaming fixed
* rich-text handling improved while saveing XLS documents
* minor bug-fixes and improvements

1.20e (29 March 2008)
* bug with exception while saving to the Response stream in ASP.NET fixed

1.20 Release (12 March 2008)
* minor bug-fixes
* reading functionality Excel documents improved

1.20 Beta 2 (4 March 2008)
* minor bug-fixes reading worksheets in some Excel documents (.xls)

1.20 Beta 1 (8 February 2008)
~ limitation on reading more than 100 cells/rows in DEMO version removed

1.20 Beta (4 February 2008)
+ .Formula property support for Cells to read and write formulas (e.g. =A2*C2*10%)
~ improved for modification (read, change and write back) support for Office 97 and higher documents 
* minor bug-fixes

1.12 (15 January 2008)
* minor bug-fixes in XLS documents modification support
* minor bug-fixes

1.11 (11 December 2007)
* minor bug-fixes in XLS reading support for some XLS files
* minor internal bug-fixes

1.10a (28 November 2007)
* Asian symbols support improved while reading XLS

1.10 (24 November 2007)
~ Export to HTML improved
* minor bug-fixes in XLS reading support
* minor internal bug-fixes

1.01 (5 November 2007)
+ new methods: Worksheet.SaveAsCSV, SaveAsHTML, SaveAsTXT, SaveAsXML
+ new class HTMLTemplate for customized XLS to HTML export
* minor bug-fixes

1.00 (8 September 2007)
+ initial version