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Console version (command line) options

Console version ( Bytescout.Spreadsheet.Console.exe ) can be used from command line (and .bat command line files) to convert spreadsheets between formats supported by the SDK

Bytescout Spreadsheet SDK license allow to deploy Bytescout.Spreadsheet.Console.exe and Bytescout.Spreadsheet.dll along with your end-user application/product

Copy of Bytescout.Spreadsheet.Console.exe and Bytescout.Spreadsheet.dll that you can use for re-distribution is placed in /Redistributable/net2.00/ folder (in full version only)

See the full list of supported command line switches for Bytescout.Spreadsheet.Console.exe
Bytescout Spreadsheet SDK Console

Usage:  Bytescout.Spreadsheet.Console.exe <filename> <parameters...>

   <filename>    Input document of one of following formats:
                 XLS, XLSX, ODS, CSV, TXT.
                 Wildcards are supported.


   /N <regname>  Spreadsheet SDK registration name. Must be quoted if contains

   /K <regkey>   Spreadsheet SDK registration key.

   /F <format>   Output format.
                 Allowed values: XLS | XLSX | CSV | TXT | HTML

   /S            Create sub-folder for multiple HTML, CSV and TXT files created
                 from spreadsheets containing two or more worksheets.

   /D <char>     Delimiter character for comma-separated formats.
                 Must be quoted. Use "\t" for TAB character.
                 Default delimiter is comma ",".

   /U <char>     Quotation character for comma-separated formats.
                 Must be quoted. Default character is the double quote.
                 Use "" for no quoting.

   /O <dir>      Directory for output files. Must be quoted if contains spaces.

   /Q            Quiet mode, do not ask to overwrite exising files.


   Bytescout.Spreadsheet.Console.exe "..\My Documents\New\*.xls" /F HTML /O D:\Output
   Bytescout.Spreadsheet.Console.exe orders.csv /F XLS /D ";" /U "'" /O D:\Output