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Use Registration Free Deployment - C#

Screen Capturing SDK sample in C# demonstrating ‘Use Registration Free Deployment’

using System;
using System.Threading;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
using BytescoutScreenCapturingLib; // import bytescout screen capturing activex object 

// NOTE: if you are getting error like "invalid image" related to loading the SDK's dll then 
// try to do the following:
// 1) remove the reference to the SDK by View - Solution Explorer
// then click on References, select Bytescout... reference name and right-click it and select Remove
// 2) To re-add click on the menu: Project - Add Reference
// 3) In "Add Reference" dialog switch to "COM" tab and find Bytescout...
// 4) Select it and click "Add" 
// 5) Recompile the application 
// Note: if you need to run on both x64 and x86 then please make sure you have set "Embed Interop Types" to True for this reference


Please check README-FIRST.txt for more details!!


1) Files from Redistributable\x86 were copied into the folder ScreenCapturingSDK\x86\
2) The regsvr42 tool ran with the following command: (The tool is acailable from )
regsvr42 -client:SimpleCaptureCSharp.exe -dir:ScreenCapturingSDK\x86
3)the following file was generated x86.manifest
4) copy everything from this x86.manifest file from this tag:

to the beginning of the </assembly> tag (do not include this tag)
5) Main application was recompiled
6) The copied code (from 4) was pasted into the main MyApp.exe.manifest right after the  <assemblyIdentity> tag
7) Due to the bug in regsvr42 needs to remove duplicated COM interfaces declaration:
For example the first COM interface declaration:

But the same interface (with the same GUID) is declared again (removed the duplicated declaration):

Need to remove all these duplicates 

8) Now you may run your application MyApp.exe without need for the Administrator level installation

namespace SimpleCaptureCSharp
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
                // Create Capturer instance.
                Capturer capturer = new Capturer();

                // Set capturing area type to catScreen to capture entire screen.
                capturer.CapturingType = CaptureAreaType.catScreen;

                // Set output video file name.
                // (!) The file extension defines the output video format (.WVM or .AVI).
                capturer.OutputFileName = "EntireScreenCaptured.wmv"; 

                // Set output video width and height
                capturer.OutputWidth = 1024;
                capturer.OutputHeight = 600;

                // Start capturing .

                Console.WriteLine("Capturing entire screen for 10 seconds...");

                // Wait for 10 seconds...
                new ManualResetEvent(false).WaitOne(10000);

                // Stop capturing.

                // Release objects

                Console.WriteLine("Press any key to exit");

** How to setup the registration free deployment in your project **

1. Right-click your project in the solution tree, select 'Add'->'Existing Items...' menu item and add "app.manifest" file.

2. Open the project properties. On the Application tab select "app.manifest" in "Manifest" combo-box. 
   Now when you build the project the manifest will embedded into the assembly resources.

   * Alternative way *
   Rename the added "app.manifest" into "YourAssemblyName.exe.manifest".
   In the file's properties set "Copy to Output Directory" to "Copy always".
   Now the file will be copied to the output folder automatically and the manifest will be loaded from 
   the file instead of resources.

3. Right-click your project in the solution tree, select 'Add'->'Existing Items...' menu item and add 
   "ByteScoutScreenCapturing.dll", "ByteScoutScreenCapturingFilter.dll" and "ByteScoutVideoMixerFilter.dll" files.
   Set "Copy to Output Directory" property to "Copy always" for the each file.
   * You can find these files in "Redistributable" folder of the SDK installation directory.
   (Default location: "c:\Program Files\ByteScout Screen Capturing SDK\Redistributable").

4. Clean and rebuild your project.

Download Source Code (.zip)

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