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Bytescout.PDFViewer Namespace

Public classLicenseInfo
License information.
Public classLogger
Public classPDFViewerCancellationException
Thrown when the document loading cancelled in ProgressChanged event handler.
Public classPDFViewerControl
PDF visualization control.
Public classPDFViewerException
Represents errors that occur during PDF processing.
Public classSelectionData
Represents selection data.
Public enumerationGraphicsTransformationQuality
Defines smoothing quality for text and vector graphics; interpolation quality for raster images.
Public enumerationKeepAspectRatioOptions
Defines whether to keep the aspect ratio during the selection resizing.
Public enumerationMouseMode
Mouse mode.
Public enumerationOngoingOperation
The ongoing operation for ProgressChanged event.
Public enumerationSelectionChange
Kind of selection change.
Public enumerationSelectionCursor
Kind of the selection cursor.
Public enumerationSelectionModifierKeys
Defines modifier key for multi-select mode.
Public enumerationTextSearchFeedbackType
User feedback type when the text search finished and the search string not found.