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Bytescout.PDF2HTML Namespace

Public classBaseExtractor
Defines a base class for PDF extractors.
Public classHTMLExtractor
Extracts text and images from PDF document and creates formated HTML page from extracted data.
Public classLicenseInfo
License information.
Public classPDF2HTMLDamagedDocumentException
Invalid password exception.
Public classPDF2HTMLException
Represents errors that occur during PDF extraction process.
Public classPDF2HTMLExceptionProfileException
Public classPDF2HTMLInvalidPasswordException
Invalid password exception.
Public classPDF2HTMLPermissionsException
Permissions exception.
Public interfaceIHTMLExtractor
Defines the PDF to HTML extractor interface.
Public interfaceIProfiles
Defines profiles support.
Public delegateBaseExtractorParsingErrorEventHandler
Defines ParsingError event parameters.
Public enumerationColumnDetectionMode
Represents the column detection modes.
Public enumerationGraphicsTransformationQuality
Defines smoothing quality for text and vector graphics; interpolation quality for raster images.
Public enumerationHTMLExtractionMode
Defines HTML extraction modes.
Public enumerationImageHandling
Defines the image handling way during the XML extraction.
Public enumerationLineGroupingMode
Sets if lines are not checked to be merged, can be merged by rows, or inside columns
Public enumerationOutputImageFormat
Defines format for output images.
Public enumerationPageDataCaching
Page data caching behavior.