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Convert XPS to PDF - C#

PDF SDK sample in C# demonstrating ‘Convert XPS to PDF’

using System.Diagnostics;

using System.Drawing.Imaging;
using System.IO;

using Bytescout.PDF;
using Image = Bytescout.PDF.Image;

using xps2img;

namespace Images
    /// <summary>
    /// This example demonstrates converting xps document to pdf
    /// </summary>
    class Program
        static void Main()
            // Create new document
            Document pdfDocument = new Document();
            pdfDocument.RegistrationName = "demo";
            pdfDocument.RegistrationKey = "demo";

            // If you wish to load an existing document uncomment the line below and comment the Add page section instead
            // pdfDocument.Load(@".\existing_document.pdf");

            //Create instance and load file
            Xps2Image xps2Image = new Xps2Image("Sample.xps");

            // Set parameter
            Parameters oParam = new Parameters();
            oParam.Dpi = 300; // Set Dpi
            oParam.ImageType = ImageType.Png; // Output image type

            // Get Bitmap from input file
            var outBitmapList = xps2Image.ToBitmap(oParam);

            foreach (var itmBitmap in outBitmapList)
                // Create new pdf page
                Page page = new Page(PaperFormat.A4);

                // Save image to a bytestream
                MemoryStream byteStream = new MemoryStream();
                itmBitmap.Save(byteStream, ImageFormat.Png);

                // Fill page with image
                Image pageImage = new Image(byteStream);
                page.Canvas.DrawImage(pageImage, 5, 5, pageImage.Width / 2, pageImage.Height/3);

                // Add pdf page to pdf document

            // Save document to file

            // Cleanup 

            // Open result document in default associated application (for demo purpose)
            ProcessStartInfo processStartInfo = new ProcessStartInfo("result.pdf");
            processStartInfo.UseShellExecute = true;

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