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About ByteScout PDF SDK for .NET and ActiveX/COM

Bytescout PDF SDK for .NET, ASP.NET, ActiveX provides functionality to generate rich PDF documents,Full API to generate PDF Files,Can use existing PDF files to add the content and save back,extract images from PDF, extract information about PDF documents (title, subject, etc..).


  • Does NOT require any 3rd applications or tools installed (DOES NOT REQUIRE Adobe Reader or any other software);

  • Generates new PDF files with fonts, embedded fonts, vector lines, images;

  • Supports password protection and the encryption;

  • Provides API to add content to existing PDF files;

  • Lot of ready to "copy-paste" from source code samples!

  • Works from .NET, ASP.NET, also available as ActiveX/COM object (throught .NET powered wrapper) for use from VB6 and other languages;

  • and more!

Some functions of PDF SDK are also available as REST-compliant Web API.

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Check the API documentation:

And samples.