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Render Part of PDF Page - VB.NET

PDF Renderer SDK sample in VB.NET demonstrating ‘Render Part of PDF Page’

Imports Bytescout.PDFRenderer

Class Program
    Friend Shared Sub Main(args As String())

        ' Create an instance of Bytescout.PDFRenderer.RasterRenderer object and register it.
        Dim renderer As New RasterRenderer()
        renderer.RegistrationName = "demo"
        renderer.RegistrationKey = "demo"
        ' Set high quality resolution 600 dpi (600 dots per inch)
        Dim renderingResolution As Single = 600
        ' Load PDF document.

        ' Set extraction area
        renderer.SetExtractionArea(205.5f, 108.75f, 331.5f, 121.5f)

        ' Render part of document to PNG image file.
        renderer.Save($"result_{renderingResolution}.png", RasterImageFormat.PNG, 0, renderingResolution)

        ' Cleanup

        ' Open the first output file in default image viewer.
    End Sub
End Class

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