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ZUGFeRD Invoice Extraction - VBScript

PDF Extractor SDK sample in VBScript demonstrating ‘ZUGFeRD Invoice Extraction’

' Create Bytescout.PDFExtractor.AttachmentExtractor object
Set AttachmentExtractor = CreateObject("Bytescout.PDFExtractor.AttachmentExtractor")
AttachmentExtractor.RegistrationName = "demo"
AttachmentExtractor.RegistrationKey = "demo"

' Load sample PDF document with embedded attachments

' Walk through attachments and save them
For i = 0 To AttachmentExtractor.Count - 1
    ' Save file to current folder with original name
    AttachmentExtractor.Save i, AttachmentExtractor.GetFileName(i) 

WScript.Echo "Done! Click OK to open the XML invoice"

Set extractor = Nothing

Download Source Code (.zip)

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