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Split Document - VB.NET

PDF Extractor SDK sample in VB.NET demonstrating ‘Split Document’

' This example demonstrates various PDF document splitting scenarios:
' - extract a single page;
' - split in two parts;
' - split by ranges specified in text form: "1-5,6,7-10,11-".

Imports System.IO
Imports Bytescout.PDFExtractor

Class Program

    Friend Shared Sub Main(args As String())

        Dim inputFile As String = "sample.pdf"

        Using splitter As New DocumentSplitter("demo", "demo")

            splitter.OptimizeSplittedDocuments = True

            ' Extracting specific page:
            ' =========================

            splitter.ExtractPage(inputFile, "page3.pdf", 3)
            ' (!) Note: page number is 1-based.
            Console.WriteLine("Extracted page 3 to file ""page3.pdf""")

            ' Split in two parts:
            ' ===================

            splitter.Split(inputFile, "part1.pdf", "part2.pdf", 3)
            ' (!) Note: page number is 1-based.
            Console.WriteLine("Splitted at page 3 to files ""part1.pdf"" and ""part2.pdf""")

            ' Split by ranges:
            ' ================

            Dim files As String() = splitter.Split(inputFile, "1-3,4-6,7,8-")
            ' (!) Note: page numbers are 1-based; ending "-" means "to the end".
            Console.WriteLine("Splitted by ranges: ")
            For Each file As String In files
                Console.WriteLine("    " & Path.GetFileName(file))
        End Using

        Console.WriteLine("Press any key...")

    End Sub

End Class

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