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ColumnDetectionMode Enumeration

Defines how columns are detected on the document page.

Assembly: Bytescout.PDFExtractor (in Bytescout.PDFExtractor.dll) Version:
public enum ColumnDetectionMode
Member nameValueDescription
ContentGroupsAndBorders0 (0) Analyses grouping of text objects and vertical column separators (vertical lines). Default mode.
ContentGroups1 (1) Analyses only the grouping of text objects. Mostly useful for tables without separating lines between rows and columns.
Borders2 (2) Analyses only separating lines between rows and columns. Useful only with tables with explicit vector separators between rows and columns. Also helpful with documents with multiple tables on one page.
BorderedTables3 (3) Uses optical recognition to detect tables with closed outer borders and row/column separators inside them. Especially useful for working with scanned documents. May work slower than other modes due to optical recognition.
ContentGroupsAI4 AI assisted analysis of text objects grouping. Mostly useful for dense tables without separating lines between columns.
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