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SearchResultElement Properties

The SearchResultElement type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAngle
Rotation angle of the element.
Public propertyBounds
Bounding rectangle of the element.
Public propertyFontColor
Font color.
Public propertyFontColorAsHtmlColor
Font color in HTML format.
Public propertyFontColorAsOleColor
Font color as OLE Color.
Public propertyFontIsBold
Whether the font is bold.
Public propertyFontIsItalic
Whether the font is italic.
Public propertyFontName
Font name.
Public propertyFontSize
Font size in px.
Public propertyHeight
Height of the element.
Public propertyIndex
Index of the element (zero-based).
Public propertyIsNewLine
Whether the element is located on the new line (comparing to previous element).
Public propertyLeft
Left coordinate of the element.
Public propertyText
Text of the element.
Public propertyTop
Top coordinate of the element.
Public propertyWidth
Width of the element.
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