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IXMLExtractor Properties

The IXMLExtractor type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllowStandalonePunctuation
Gets or sets whether to allow standalone punctuation characters. If false they will be merged with nearest text object.
Public propertyDetectStrikeoutTextStyle
Get or sets whether to detect the "strikeout" text style. Default is false.
Public propertyDetectUnderlineTextStyle
Get or sets whether to detect the "underline" text style. Default is false.
Public propertyImageFolder
Gets or sets the folder to put extracted images when SaveImages property is set to ImageHandling.OuterFile. Default is "images" - the extractor will create "images" sub-folder in the same folder with output XML file.
Public propertyImageFormat
Gets or sets the image format for extracted images. Default is PNG.
Public propertyIndentedXML
Get or sets whether to generate indented XML. Default is true.
Public propertyKeepOriginalFontNames
By default XMLExtractor replaces names of embedded fonts with standard (or "descendant") fonts similar by metrics and typeface. This is because embedded fonts differ from fonts installed into your system or absent there at all. Set this property to true if you want to keep the original font names.
Public propertySaveImages
Get or sets the image saving way: do not save; save to outer file; embed into result XML as Base64 string. Default is ImageHandling.None.
Public propertySaveVectors
Get or sets whether to save vector objects. Default is false.
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