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IXLSExtractor Properties

The IXLSExtractor type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllowStandalonePunctuation
Gets or sets whether to allow standalone punctuation characters. If false they will be merged with nearest text object.
Public propertyAutoDetectNumbers
Automatically detect numbers to represent properly (as numbers) in cells in XLS and XLSX output.
Public propertyCustomColumnWidths
Sets custom column widths for generated Excel spreadsheet.
Public propertyDetectStrikeoutTextStyle
Get or sets whether to detect the "strikeout" text style. Default is false.
Public propertyDetectUnderlineTextStyle
Get or sets whether to detect the "underline" text style. Default is false.
Public propertyNumberDecimalSeparator
Number decimal separator.
Public propertyNumberGroupSeparator
Number group separator.
Public propertyOutputFormat
Gets or sets the output format (XLS or XLSX).
Public propertyPageSeparator
Sets the page separator. If not empty and PageToWorksheet is False, the extractor will insert between pages in the generated Excel data a row that will contain specified text in the first column.
Public propertyPageToWorksheet
Gets or sets whether to create separate worksheet for each page of PDF document.
Public propertyRichTextFormatting
Enables/disables rich text formatting inside cells.
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