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ITableDetector Properties

The ITableDetector type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDetectionMaxNumberOfInvalidSubsequentRowsAllowed
Max number of non valid subsequent rows allowed inside detected table
Public propertyDetectionMinNumberOfColumns
Gets or sets the min number of columns in detected table.
Public propertyDetectionMinNumberOfLineBreaksBetweenTables
Min number of line breaks required between tables
Public propertyDetectionMinNumberOfRows
Gets or sets the min number of rows in detected table.
Public propertyDetectLinesInsteadOfParagraphs
Tries to detect single lines instead of multiple lines.
Public propertyEnhanceTableBorders
Gets or sets whether to enhance table borders. The borders enhancement can help if a table is drawn with very thin or faint lines. Default is true.
Public propertyFoundTableCells
Contains two-dimensional array of cell rectangles of the table found by FindTable() or FindNext() methods.
Public propertyFoundTableLocation
Contains the location (rectangle) of the table found by FindTable() or FindNextTable() methods.
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