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IDocumentRotator Properties

The IDocumentRotator type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCheckPermissions
Defines whether respect permissions set by document owner. If true, extractor throws exception when the extraction is prohibited. Default is true.
Public propertyLicenseInfo
Gets license information.
Public propertyOCRLanguage
Language for Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The valid values are:
  • "eng" - English (default)
  • "deu" - German
  • "fra" - French
  • "spa" - Spanish

Download more languages at

Public propertyOCRLanguageDataFolder
Folder containing OCR language data files. In addition to the language selected by OCRLanguage, the folder must contain the "osd.traineddata" file required for rotation detection.
Public propertyRegistrationKey
Registration key.
Public propertyRegistrationName
Registration name.
Public propertyVersion
Gets the component version number.
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